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Vacation Expectation!

Friday, 20 March 2015 in Miami, FL, USA
• New Moon at 5:37 AM EDT
• Total Solar Eclipse at 5:48 AM EDT
• Vernal Equinox at 6:45 PM EDT
May your recreational adventure be filled with the blissful serenity of love, joy and peace in every moment!!!

“Vacation Advisory”
A Pubic Announcement
brought to you by Channel Mandy:

Vacation Time is also Expectation Time!
Anyone who’s ever planned and taken a family vacation can almost certainly testify that things don’t always go according to expectation. With this in mind, here are some suggestions of ways to handle those little unexpected “Hiccups” that can (and do) inevitably pop-up, somewhere along the course of any vacation planned by “mere mortals.”

  • 1 • Allow any and all Hiccups to serve as a reminder of the opportunity to connect to the NOWNESS of the moment. Nowness opens the way for Awareness, and it is only by Awareness that we become capable of finding Joy in the moment. Always remember that Joy is determined by our Awareness of what we FEEL inside, not by whatever circumstances may be HAPPENING outside.
  • 2 • Acknowledge any and all Hiccups as Messages that are being sent by your Angels:
    The Angels are asking you to pause, breathe and ACCEPT the un-Expected.
  • 3 • Take a step back, to the side, or even do a full 180°. Just be sure to do whatever it takes to gain a different perspective on any and all Hiccups. Use your objectivity to simply assess the situation for what it is: “An un-Expected SURPRISE!”
  • 4 • Consider that, just because a Divinely planned Hiccup finds its way into your “mere mortally” planned vacation, it doesn’t necessarily mean all chances for excitement have been missed! A Divinely planned Hiccup may actually turn out be a perfect opportunity for the most authentic of family bonding experiences. When everyone works together to find a strategy for getting through a Hiccup, lessons about trust, unity and cooperation are learned and reinforced. These are the once-in-lifetime experiences that will endure… not the fastest roller-coaster or the highest water-slide. An unexpected Hiccup may even end up becoming one of the most laughable memories of your vacation. The very best Hiccups of all, are the ones that become the stuff of the stories your children will someday tell their children.

Can you hear the small voices, faint and far into the years ahead?

Dad? Will you tell us the story of that time when Grandma and Grandpa took you and Uncle John on vacation, and…

  • 5 • Count the Hiccups as you would the Blessings, for in the end, they will be but a small part of the grand entirety of your wonderful, beautiful, perfect-just-as-it-is… VACATION of EXPECTATION!
  • 6 • LAST, but NOT LEAST! This suggestion may, in fact, be the most important one of all for ensuring that your vacation is legendary. Leave all of your day-to-day stresses, worries, anxieties and concerns right where you left them …in the office …at school …around the house …etc. All these things are guaranteed to remain safe and sound, right where you left them; and they will wait patiently, with no resentments, and for as long as they need to, until you return. There is no suggestion for handling the Hiccup of a parent who is constantly attending to their mobile device, throughout their entire family vacation, rather than attending to their family. There is only one solution for this Hiccup, and it is a drastic one: 

Turn off the electronics and tune into each other! 

  • Your children really do want to spend time—secure in the knowing that they are—at the center of their parents’ full attention. Your child may not even know this for themselves, unless they have had the opportunity to experience it! The payoff value of time spent this way can never equate to any fiscal dollars that may become the sacrifice for the cost of not answering a phone call or replying to an email.

Homeward Bound—A Final Thought
When your vacation comes to its fruition, the worst thing to be feeling would be that you need to vacation, when you get home from your vacation. The greatest hope is that when you do return, you will come back ready to address the same OLD Day-to-Day Circumstances with a revitalized and NEWBORN Soul.
You will know your vacation has been a success when…as you are rolling up in the driveway, unloading the suitcases, and feeling the familiar weight and hearing the sing-song jingle of your keys…just as you slide the singular key that will unlock the front door into its keyhole and begin turning the door knob, you find yourself meditating on the gratitude and the truth of the following words:

I AM where I belong, and I am Home.
I FEEL comfort here, and it is Home.
I DO all action in support of sustenance, for this is Home
I LOVE, I am loved, and my Heart is Home.
I SHARE, I give, I receive, in Union, and this Fortitude is Home.
I SEE Beauty all around me, and I am Home.
I UNDERSTAND, and I am understood;
where the Peace & Spirit of Understanding dwell, it is my Home.


Exercise for Injury Prevention: The Rotator Cuff

Chest Press for Shoulder StabilizationInj Pre Rot Cuff

Injury Prevention via Increased Shoulder Girdle Stability

This variation on the traditional dumbbell chest press is extremely effective for preventing one of the most frequent injuries, seen in both novice and seasoned weight lifters. Commonly referred to as a ‘Rotator Cuff’ injury, this term may be applied to a strain or tear in any one of the group of these four little known, but critically important, muscles within the Shoulder Girdle Complex.

• Choose a dumbbell weight that is approximately ⚠️ 20% LESS ⚠️ than what you are currently using in your traditional dumbbell chest press exercise execution.
• Sit on a physio-ball with your chosen dumbbells at your feet. Reach forward to pick up your dumbbells while bringing them in close to your torso as you return to a seated position on the physio-ball.
• Keeping your dumbbells close to your torso, walk your legs forward as you lean back onto the physio-ball until your scapula (shoulder blades) are centered over the midline of the physio-ball. Allow for the back of your head to be supported by the physio-ball. However, there should be ⚠️ NO PRESSURE ON THE NECK⚠️ .
• Position dumbbells level with your chest and palms in the neutral (facing each other) position.

👍The rotational movements detailed in the execution of this exercise, relative to the body’s position, support the natural bio-mechanical action of the shoulder.
The inclusion of the correct rotational movements are directly proportional to the extent to which this exercise will effectively contribute to increased stability of the shoulder girdle, as well as its usefulness as a program goal of Injury Prevention.
• Begin by extending/pressing both dumbbells straight up over your chest, while rotating your palms to the prone (facing down/away) position.
👍This rotational movement supports the natural bio-mechanical action of the shoulder, relative to the body’s position in the exercise.
• Keep holding the left-handed dumbbell straight up, and lower the right-handed dumbbell in a controlled motion while rotating your right palm back to the neutral position until it touches the outside of your right shoulder. Pause, and return the right-handed dumbbell to the starting position by extending/pressing the dumbbell straight up over your chest and rotating your right palm back to the prone position again.
👍 An example of the practical application of this movement can be seen with the delivery of a basic boxing punch.
• Repeat this execution by keeping the right-handed dumbbell straight up while lowering the left-handed dumbbell.

Effective & Efficient Bonus Move:
With every return extending/pressing of a dumbbell straight up, take this moment to simultaneously create an extra push or squeeze of the chest with both dumbbells at the top of the movement, as if you are trying to touch both dumbbells to the ceiling.

Effective & Efficient Bonus Tip:
Keep your hips lifted by tightening your gluteal & core muscles while visualizing your entire body as if it were positioned on an invisible bench