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Venus—The Many Names of Beauty


Venus—The Many Names of Beauty

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Named in Honor of The Roman Goddess, and personifying The Feminine Divine, Beauty and Love. Her significance throughout the history of humanity would fill volumes. (As a Librian, She is also my Ruling Planet; just as She is to Taurans.)

Some of the many Names of Venus throughout history, just may surprise you!
Jesus, Horus, Lucifer, Josef and Prometheus! Certainly however, She has been more kindly accepted as Ishtar, Kileken, TaiPei, Sukra, Tioumoutiri /Ouaiti (Hathor/Isis), Noga, Helel, and Phosphorus/Hesperus (Aphrodite/Venus) and more!
Additional details about some of her more ancient associations are noted below:
♀ Sumeria/Babylonia— “Dil-bat in Akkadia” = The Star of Ishtar
♀ Maasai— “Kileken”
♀ China— “Tai Pei” = The Beautiful White One
♀ Jyotitvida (Hindu)— “Sukra” = Clear/Pure/Brightness in Sanskrit; associated with Indriani, Queen of The Gods & Indra as Over-Ruler; symbolized by the gemstone Diamond
♀ Egypt— Interpreted as two separate visible bodies “Tioumoutiri” just before sunrise & “Ouaiti” just before sunset; later associated with the duality of Isis & Hathor in the Dynastic eras; with the understanding of Venus as one Celestial Body, She retained her association with Hathor, while Sirius became Isis
♀ Hebrew— “Noga (Planet) /Helel (Archangel)/Ayeleth-ha-Shakhar/Kochav-ha-‘Erev” = shining/bright/deer of the dawn/star of the evening (consecutively)
♀ Greece— Similar to the Egyptians, the morning “Phosphorus” & evening “Hesperus”; with the same later discovery the Greeks retained her morning assoication with the name of her counterpart, Aphrodite (Phoenician Astarte)
♀ Rome— (of course) Honored Her with the name of by which we know Her today.
♀ Australia—  “Barnumbirr” = The Creator Spirit that “Sang” The World to Life; in the early hours before dawn, she draws behind her a rope of light attached to the Earth (i.e. The Sun); the aboriginal Yongu still honor this legendary part of their culture today.
♀ The Maya— “Chak Ek” = The Great Star; She was their most observed & important celestial body


Finally… “What about Venus & The Pentacle (not Pentagram)?”
That’s another blog, for another day…
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Cosmic Hug

The Seed:
Leaving home this morning, I looked up and was embraced in peace—a cosmic group hug—


at the site of The Moon (Thoth), Venus (Hathor), Sirius (Isis) & Orion (Osiris) all together within the periphery of a single gaze. I imagined a grand meeting in the heavens of the Highest Aspects of The Supreme Consiousness. All waiting together for the Rising of The Sun (Ra), who supports them and raises them up to an even higher vibrational energy.

The Epiphany:

I thought of the souls whose incarnate form was sacrificed so many years ago today, on September 11, 2001. The innermost part of my being knows that they have returned to The Great Universal Source and are working, right now, to help raise the consciousness of mankind on earth. By their memory alone (i.e. even if you do not see things quite the way I do), each of us are compelled to pause and take some lesson from the tragedy that befell this day eleven years ago.

Although, there surely are many more…

Today, I will dwell on the lesson that I must live each moment as if it were my last…

…knowing that my loving Creator cradles me in safety at all times.

I will ask myself:

What kind of testament would my life have been to The Creator if I left this plane today?

Have I worked each day, in the here & now, to send out light & love to all my fellow beings?

Would I walk worthily into the next realm—practiced & prepared—to continue making a contribution to the elevation of Universal Consiousness?

As I conclude these thoughts here in the Fitness Studio this morning—as always and without fail—

Ra rises before me in the East.

Amun! Ashé! Namaha! Amen!