March’s New Moon: A Miraculous Cosmic Alignment

New Moon
March 11, 2013
3:52 PM (EDT)

Ideal Opportunity for New Beginnings!

New Moon 3.2013

Moon Configurations:
Moon in Pisces
Moon and Chiron in Conjunction

MOON = Feelings
PISCES = Intuiting
CHIRON = Healing

10 Celestial Elements are Water
Water = Feelings

10 Celestial Modes are Mutable
Mutable = Harmonious

Moon Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Feelings

Venus Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Attraction

Sun Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Energy

Saturn Trine Chiron =
Flowing Healing Boundaries

Pluto Sextile Chiron =
Flowing Healing Transformation

Pluto Sextile Saturn =
Flowing Transformation Boundaries

Uranus Conjunction Mars =
Blending Desires Breakthrough

Chart for Miami, FL

Miracula Aeternitatis

Quod fuit est sicut quod erit
Et quod erit est sicut quod fuit
Quod fuit ad perpetranda
Miracula aeternitatis

Quod superius est sicut quod inferius
Ad perpetranda miracula

Quod inferius est sicut quod superius
Ad perpetranda miracula

-from Cirque du Soleil, Dralion

The Day of Thoth’s Taking The Oath & The Final Lunar Cycle of 2012

 Today begins our Final Lunar Cycle of 2012 (New Moon, exact at 3:43am).

More importantly, I believe, today is also

“The Day of Thoth’s Taking The Oath.” 


If you are thinking:

“Who the heck is Thoth and what do I care about this Oath he took?” …then you may well be ready to find the answer.

First, a bit of history (some call it mythology):

Thoth Oath Date

The manifestation of The Primordial Moon God, Thoth (AKA Thuthi) was marked constantly—on all calendars of The Ancient Egyptians—as Thuthi 1st, their “New Year’s Day” (our July 19th). However,  Thuthi 1st carried deep, multi-leveled meanings to the Ancient Egyptians. Much more so than our modern New Year’s Day. It was, in fact, THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY of their entire year.*

Fast forward to today (literally):

The 28th of Tybi (December 13th) is “The Day of Thoth’s Taking The Oath.”

Do you believe it is by mere chance that two of the most significantly regarded events of The Primordial Moon God occur on the day of a New Moon? (Consistent with the Ancient Egyptians’ Lunar Calendar.)

The story of Thoth is fascinating, and I have recently become closer to Him vis-a-vis The Goddess, My Holy Mother, Isis. Thoth is credited with the scribing of 42 books. These books are said to contain “the answers to all of the mysteries of the universe.” Thanks to countless anthropologists, linguists, and all the pioneers of modern technology, we have instant access to a great portion of these writings.

That said, if you don’t know they exist, how could you even begin to search for them? Well I did, and it was not so simple a task. It took some “digging” (pun) on my part, but it has been well worth the effort.

What I have found are two separate records:

  • The Divine Pymander

Free downloads available at  Functional, but not so pretty,The.pdf

  • The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean(AKA Hermes Trismegistus)

Free downloads available at Love this site!  Nicer format, but creation of a free account is required to download the file (PDF).  Abridged APP for iPad. Very, very pretty. Nice for quick reference, but no substitute for the mind bending experience of reading the complete unabridged version

If you are human (regardless of your beliefs, religion, lack of religion, atheism, or agnosticism), you have wondered…at some point in your life…if only for a moment…“the meaning of it all.” (“Wisdom begins in wonder.” ―Socrates)

If there is a sliver of curiosity, a barely visible fissure, a small opening in your mind,, I challenge you to (someday, and soon) begin reading

“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean.” If His words resonate with you, I believe you “will be compelled” them again… and again… it will not be a matter of choice.


What is The Oath that Thoth took this day 52,2012 years ago?

(52,000 B.C. + 2012 A.D)

I am not certain I have found the answer to this question… yet.

These are my two best guesses so far:

  • The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: Tablet II; Verses 41-45
  • The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Tablet I; Verse 1

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: Tablet II; Verses 41-45

41. Knelt I then before the great Masters, 

Lords of ALL from the cycles above.

42. Spoke HE then with words of great power saying:

43. “Thou hast been made free of the Halls of Amenti. 

Choose thou thy work among the children of men.”

44. Then spoke I: 

“O, great master, 

let me be a teacher of men, 

leading then onward and upward until they, 

too, are lights among men; 

freed from the veil of the night that surrounds them, 

flaming with light that shall shine among men.”

Spoke to me then the voice: 

“Go, as yet will. So be it decreed. 

Master are ye of your destiny, 

free to take or reject at will. 

Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom. 

Shine as a light among the children of men.”

45. Spoke to me then the voice: 
“Go, as yet will. So be it decreed. 
Master are ye of your destiny, 
free to take or reject at will. 
Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom. 
Shine as a light among the children of men.” 

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Tablet I; Verse 1

1. I, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, 

keeper of records, mighty king, magician, 

living from generation to generation, 

being about to pass into the halls of Amenti,

set down for the guidance of 

those that are to come after, 

these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.

As always, your feedback is eagerly welcome!


First Quarter Moon at 11:33pm

Miami, FL Sunday, Oct 21
11:33pm DST:
The Transit of October’s First 1/4 Moon occurs with the exit of
Capricorn & The 7th House and entry to Aquarius & The 8th House.

The Moon spends two and a half days in each sign.


With the Moon exiting Capricorn, an achievement and status-oriented emotional satisfaction emerges. Most likely, the weekend left you and everyone else feeling that you focused on your duties and responsibilities. The atmosphere of stern emotional reserve is lifting now and allowing you to reveal a more sensitive side. Feelings of restriction have loosed their bonds to some extent, allowing a more free expression of emotion.
This was a wonderful weekend to nurture your more ambitious nature. In this “hard-working” Moon position, you probably accomplished a great deal in terms of tasks that are now bringing you a strong sense of fulfillment. Indeed, your instinctual nature has been focused on using your resources to make things happen in your world and propel you closer to achieving your goals.

Moon in Aquarius & The 2nd House.
As the Moon enters Aquarius there is a heightening of socially minded and progressive personalities. Charm & Grace are your allies, but also beware of potentially unstable or erratic changes in your behaviors. Spending a little extra time with your emotions may prove beneficial.
The Moon in The 2nd House brings opportunity to emotionally connect with one’s values, one’s possessions and material things in this world. You will find greater comfort & security if you use this time to be sure that your values & emotions are clearly defined… Only then can you prepare to act wisely upon them!



Interpretations quoted by & extrapolated from TimePassages Astrology Software was developed by Henry Seltzer.


New Moon October 2012

New Moon October 2012

10/15/2012, 8:03:35 AM EDT Miami, FL (25N40, 80W21)*

N Node in Scorpio (26° Sco 22’R) N Node in the First House
S Node in Taurus (26° Tau 22’R) S Node in the Seventh House
This placement gives you a focus on advancing into your own individual self-hood. Now your life path is calling for you to depend on no one but yourself. Events may seem to force you into this direction. It is good to remember that outer events can be another facet of the voice of your own inner Self. You benefit from following these directives from your own higher consciousness, no matter how difficult that may prove to be in actual practice.
Your evolutionary payoff comes from letting go of the material world in to order to accept the deep and universal connection with others that is the root truth of the social condition, recognizing that, beyond the material world, you are part of a much larger context.
Moon in Libra (22° Lib 32′ 59″) Moon in the Twelfth House
You will enjoy the company of other people, and may be uncomfortable with too much solitude at this time. However, beware of a tendency to be all things to all people.
Neptune in Pisces (0° Pis 33’R) Neptune in the Fourth House 
Magnifies emotional sensitivity, loving personalities, and psychic tendencies.

Saturn in Scorpio (1° Sco 09′) Saturn in the First House
Can offer a deepening and concentration, or a breakthrough of a blockage, in the area of self-confidence and self-expression. The this placement offers the lesson that you should strive to overcome any fears you may have in expressing yourself, and thus come to a better understanding of who you are and what you can achieve.
Jupiter in Gemini (16° Gem 11’R) Jupiter in the Eighth House
Your focus is excellent now, and your work efforts will be productive because of this because of it. You have an innate sense of who you are and where you want to be right now, and that is usually where you will be found. Yet, be aware of speaking too quickly, before you have thought a matter through. Hold off for the moment, and keep your own council.
Mercury in strong sextile (within 0.1 degrees) with VenusThe planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      charming manner and an idealistic philosophy
·      friendliness and sociability
·      a lean toward the beautiful and artistic side of life
·      artistic abilities and a youthful attitude
·      desire to dress attractively, although not necessarily expensively
·      cheerfulness and optimism
·      pleasant speaking or singing voice
·      expressing yourself in speech or writing
You can be persuasive in a quiet way.
Venus in strong square (within 1.8 degrees) with Jupiter
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      a graceful and refined nature
·      natural attraction of others
·      restless, elements of change and adventure
·      appreciation or talent for literature and the arts
·      working well in fields such as the law, or with the public
You should be aware of being too easily influenced by others.
Mars in strong trine (exact) with Uranus
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      originality and eccentricity of the mind
·      strong intuition
·      strong-willed nonconformity
·      restless or unsteadiness in the pursuit of your goals
·      feelings of isolation
·      emotionally insensitive
·      more excited by ideas than by people.
·      courageousness of pioneering free spirits
You can benefit from bringing more consciousness and clarity to the expression of your goals in life.
Saturn in strong trine (within 0.6 degrees) with NeptuneThe planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.
Saturn brings an extremely practical dimension to the visionary idealism of Neptune.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      clear thinking and discriminating
·      responsibility, compassion
·      concern for social issues
·      ability to harness energies of stability and idealism into balance
You may be suffering confusion in your life regarding restrictions imposed upon you, in which you feel both attracted to the security imposed by such limits, and simultaneously repelled or stifled by these restrictions.
Uranus in strong square (within 1.2 degrees) with Pluto
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      willfulness and great depth of passion
·      more strongly tuned in to the energy of the collective
·      keen intuition and great powers of transformation to evolve
·      unconventional approaches to interpersonal relationships
This celestial alignment brings our the best of your compassion toward your fellow man and your inclination to be a helper. At this time, a select few will find opportunities to help create a new world, based on humanitarian ideals of universal brotherhood.
*Created on Astrograph Software, Inc.
using interpretations from text by Henry Seltzer
Copyright 1999

Last Quarter Moon: 3:34am, Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Quarter Moon: 3:34am, Monday, October 8, 2012, Miami, FL.
The Moon in Cancer (15° Can 25′ 56″)
May cause the following qualities/characteristics to intensify:
Sensitive and caring nature
The need to be nurturing
Psychic abilities
Feelings of vulnerability, as the past or old habit patterns invade the present
Feeling over-emotional; such emotions may evoke a tendency to withdraw from real or imagined injuries
Protectiveness of yourself and of others
The Moon in Eleventh House
May cause the following qualities/characteristics to intensify:
Emotional sensitivity in social arenas.
Need to seek comfort and security in friends and group associations.
Dynamics in a group setting, without the need to feel like the center of attention.
Detachment and objectivity in social circumstances, or non-allegiance to one group or another.
Ability to organize group events (parties for friends, group meetings, social events.
Overextending yourself; becoming divided by being involved in too many group projects at once.
Vulnerability to being too naive, friendly and taking too much responsibility for groups.
Overall Message:
Focus on reliable friendships and learn discrimination when opening to new activities and associations so that you can manage and coordinate your various interests and activities.

Additional Lunar Configurations –
Pluto & Lunar North Node Contra-Parallel:

Pluto in Capricorn
(7° Cap 04′)
Forcefulness of personality with a focus on issues of authority, power and control
Compulsion for control manifesting in difficulties with interpersonal relations
Changes in the course of pursuing your work in the world
Powerhouse of energy available
Knee-jerk reaction to authority figures, based on unconscious impulses of fear and resentment
Seeking out situations that allow you to feel in control or safe
Difficulties maintaining former heights achieved
Overall Message:
What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of your urge for authority and control, based on a deeper understanding of yourself and a more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power.
Pluto in the Fifth House
Increased dynamism & charisma
Tremendous desire to be recognized and admired
Compulsion toward self-aggrandizement, self-centered and ego-oriented behavior
—Check for underlying feelings of insecurity
Strong need to make an impact on the world around you
—Check your admiration of “The Arts” & other creative outlets
Desires for personal reputation may be thwarted
—Changes/challenges can serve to help you express your highest purpose for yourself
Overall Message:
Re-evaluate your need to achieve, and learn how to work with your personal power in more constructive ways.
By embodying the more positive form of your creative energy, and thereby expressing your deepest truth, you can perform an important service for yourself and society.

Lunar North Node in Scorpio (26° Sco 52′). (Lunar South Node in Taurus.)
Focus on personal transformation;
let go of attachments to ownership of property and material things
Focus more on how you can be helpful to others in your relationships with them;
dwell less on status, prestige and the accumulation of riches or physical security.
Payoff comes from letting go of the material world in to order to accept the deep and universal connection with others that is the root truth of the social condition, recognizing that, beyond the material world, you are part of a much larger context.
Lunar North Node in the Fourth House. (Lunar South Node in the Tenth House.)
Strong desire for emotional security.
Great achievements & all the energy spent reaching them may suddenly whisper, “It’s lonely at the top.”
Focus on getting a better sense of who you really are, at the level of your emotional roots.
Explore the depths of your being through meditation or other transpersonal processes.
You have the chance to find your greatest fulfillment, this time around.


Astrology, Spirit

Cosmic Hug

The Seed:
Leaving home this morning, I looked up and was embraced in peace—a cosmic group hug—


at the site of The Moon (Thoth), Venus (Hathor), Sirius (Isis) & Orion (Osiris) all together within the periphery of a single gaze. I imagined a grand meeting in the heavens of the Highest Aspects of The Supreme Consiousness. All waiting together for the Rising of The Sun (Ra), who supports them and raises them up to an even higher vibrational energy.

The Epiphany:

I thought of the souls whose incarnate form was sacrificed so many years ago today, on September 11, 2001. The innermost part of my being knows that they have returned to The Great Universal Source and are working, right now, to help raise the consciousness of mankind on earth. By their memory alone (i.e. even if you do not see things quite the way I do), each of us are compelled to pause and take some lesson from the tragedy that befell this day eleven years ago.

Although, there surely are many more…

Today, I will dwell on the lesson that I must live each moment as if it were my last…

…knowing that my loving Creator cradles me in safety at all times.

I will ask myself:

What kind of testament would my life have been to The Creator if I left this plane today?

Have I worked each day, in the here & now, to send out light & love to all my fellow beings?

Would I walk worthily into the next realm—practiced & prepared—to continue making a contribution to the elevation of Universal Consiousness?

As I conclude these thoughts here in the Fitness Studio this morning—as always and without fail—

Ra rises before me in the East.

Amun! Ashé! Namaha! Amen!


July’s New Moon Luna-See

New Moon – 0025:09 hours, Thursday, 19th, July, 2012

“Do not judge the mood of your partner’s strictly!”
—Notification from Live Moon Pro Version 2.1

I think the “notification” is actually for me, but I just want to let my Adrian know…
I recognize and appreciate the great lengths by which he always tolerates my “Luna-Sees.”
Still, this New Moon forewarning may behoove us both, as I can exercise some extra awareness, while Adrian may just want to exercise…by running the other way!
This New Moon is lining up to be a capricious one!

• I was born under a New Moon in Lilith (but graciously given a chance for balance by Venus, as She is my ruling planet).

• Being the Egyptophile that I am, 19th July, is a timestamp of great significance throughout the historical calendars of Ancient Egypt…especially this year:
—Inundation Day: The first day of Inundation, marks the start of the season of the flooding of the Nile River. The Egyptians’ agricultural survival depended on the activity of the Nile. With these life giving waters came the provision of rich new soil deposits so vital to the perpetual abundance of agricultural crops. Inundation was the first of three seasons; each season was four months long:
The Inundation – the flood season
The Winter – the receding season (the Nile recedes & the fields emerge)
The Summer – the dry season
—Sothis Rising (Sirius/The Soul of Isis/The Eye of Ra/The Nile Star/The Dog Star): The flooding of the Nile was always preceded by the heliacal rising of Sothis. The most revered of all celestial bodies, Sothis was integral to the very foundation of Egyptian culture. The heliacal rising of Sothis’ was the most important astronomical & astrological event in their civilization. The Rising of Sothis occurs about every 365.25 days, which generates the need for a slight correction (every fourth year). 2012 would be a correctional year, and July 19th, the correctional day.
—1st of Thoth: The inception of the Ancient Egyptian “civil” calendar year. What began as a Lunar Calendar (many millennia before the development of agriculture) the month belongs to The “Primordial” Moon God, Thoth: lord of time…inventor of speech & writing…representer of truth, law, number & order… brother of The Sun God, Ra. As The Divine Sorcerer, Thoth scribed forty-two “Books of Magic” explaining the mysteries of the universe. He is the patron of all virtuous writers, physicians, & spiritual advisors.

• Oh yeah, and FYI, as I conclude this post, I just got my menses (as you so adroitly predicted).
The following is an excerpt from Current Configurations: Intense, Yet Thoughtful New Moon, by Henry Seltzer

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon presages a warning: A storm in a canyon. The way for our salvation might be narrow at this time and results might come in a flood, faster than we can easily handle. It is good if we can to move with all due caution. There is, after all, simultaneously a slow-motion effect in these days of Mercury retrograde and with Saturn strongly aspected in Libra. Also it might be that things will not go the way that we planned, might even come out 180 degrees the other direction. We are seemingly moving fast and strange, but if we can take a moment to reflect there is much wisdom to be found in the turning.

Miami FL

General Luna-tic Potentials for this New Moon 0025:30 hours, Thursday, 19th July, 2012, Miami, FL

—the following was prepared by Amanda Sheldon using
TimePassages Pro by AstroGraph Software

Moon in Cancer (26° Can 55′ 14″)

The Moon in Cancer gives a sensitive and caring nature. You will be protective of yourself and of others. Your sensitivity to others can be almost too well developed and may include psychic ability. You may have a need to be nurturing. There are feelings of vulnerability with this position, and the past or old habit patterns can invade the present. You can definitely be moody. You are very emotional now and will have a tendency to withdraw from real or imagined injuries.

Moon in the Fourth House

The Moon in the Fourth House represents an emotional sensitivity with issues of home life and the way you care for those close to you in your environment. You will be more naturally domestic. You will be very connected with the need to feel that you are in an environment which feels like home. You will tend to be sentimental toward your family and close friends. You will tend to select people around you who feel like family in some way or another. You may be possessive of your emotional attachments and can seem self-centered at times. You may withdraw into your own self as a way to create a more secure home base within yourself if you are not emotionally satisfied. You feel the need deep inside for a permanent home base right now. You feel attached to possessions and want to hold onto what you have. Though you feel a need for a stable home, you may have changes of residences in your search for a secure and comfortable habitat. You will also tend to hold onto your feelings. You will need a creative outlet in which you can talk, write, or artistically express in order to release your deep emotions.

Moon in Square (within 3.7 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You may appear to be rigid, rather letting your emotions flow freely. This aspect gives a deepening and concentrating, or a blockage in the expression of your feelings. You may be extremely sensitive. You may have had problems with the parental care and guidance you received as a child, or you may be fixated on one parent, especially your mother. There may be a sense of over-identification with mother, or possibly an unconscious rejection of her influence. You may have experienced her as rejecting or uncaring — and this attitude may spill over to the significant women in your life. You may experience difficulties in your relationship to the feminine. As a woman there could be a need to more fully identify with and bring into focus a concept of your own femininity. The lesson for you here is to more fully and deeply understand and value the true roots of your being, leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance.

Mars in strong Opposition (exact) with Uranus The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

This aspect magnifies the originality and eccentricity of your mind, and your intuition is strengthened. You will be strong-willed, nonconforming, and will totally have your own code of ethics. You are more energetic and visionary in your outlook now. You may be rebellious at times, or display fits of temper. You can be quite rash and impulsive at this time. You may also be restless and may lack steadiness in the pursuit of your goals. You may feel a sense of isolation, and can appear emotionally insensitive at times, seemingly more excited by ideas than by other people. Your basis for action will be derived from a sense of high ideals, rather than from mere egotism. You also should beware, however, of a tendency to be dogmatic, or proud and unbending. Change and variety will excite you, and your mutability and urge for constant change may frustrate or confuse those around you. In essence, you are feeling like a courageous and pioneering free spirit, whose mission in life is to bring new ideas into being. You can benefit from bringing more consciousness and clarity to the expression of your goals in life at this time.

Jupiter in strong Sextile (within 0.6 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

You are experiencing a strong sense of optimism and possessing high ideals. You are more inventive and original, and are more able to motivate others by your example. You are in high gear for exploring new horizons, either real or imagined, and do not value security on a personal level. You can be more rebellious these days, because you have the capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. You are having an incredibly strong intuition, and you do well when you follow your original impulse. You may have sudden and surprising opportunities in your life, and you should act to take advantage of these, which may involve travel to distant places. You are feeling very humane and just, and holding your principles high, but you should beware of your capacity to envision possibilities too vast to achieve. You can benefit from cultivating a more practical approach.

Jupiter in Inconjunct (within 0.2 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.

This combination gives you a period of feeling more positive and determined, with an ability to develop your powers to the fullest. Your focus is excellent. You will show improvement in the area of interpersonal relationships, although you should beware of a tendency to dominate others. You may be more especially interested in the occult, or be more aware that you possess the powers of a healer or mystic. Your best use of your powers of focus and self-transformation are in the area of working with other people, for you have much to share with your fellow man.

Uranus in strong Square (within 0.8 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This combination gives accentuates your willfulness and great depth of passion. You are to an unusual degree tuned in to the energy of the collective, especially with regard to the ultimate transformation of society. You will have a more keen intuition and greater power to transform yourself and your personal relationships as you evolve. At your best, you will be compassionate toward your fellow man, and more inclined to be a helper in creative endeavors, based on humanitarian ideals of universal brotherhood.


Yours, Mandy


The Powerfully Transformative New Moon (Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

Powerful New Moon Influences for Everyone!

Excerpt from Current Configurations, by Henry Seltzer

Read full article at:

The New Moon that comes along on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012* is an interesting one, being the second New Moon in the curious and thoughtful sign of Gemini, the Air sign most closely connected with intellection and communication. This introduces a long series of New Moons that take place near the end rather than the beginning of their respective signs, producing a more muted and also a more spiritual feel for the particular sign involved. This placement in late Gemini, called the Aquarius decanate (the last third of the sign) is really very different than the early degrees, being concerned with the ultimate result of thought process in terms of philosophical groundbreaking and social benefit, and indicating that it is now high time to put our actual money and our concerted actions wherever our deepest thought process might take us. This New Moon happens just one day before the June 20th Summer Solstice, when the Cardinal sign of Cancer –oppositional to Pluto’s Capricorn placement – comes into its own.

Of course the big news this lunation is the UranusPluto square which is now extremely close, and fully triggered by this New Moon cycle… Meanwhile, Venus, retrograde and stationing in Gemini, also closely aspects the dynamic duo of these outer planets. Mercury participates, now in Cancer and widely opposed to Pluto. The Sun/Mercury midpoint at the time of the New Moon is…also exactly trine Chiron in Pisces. The Chiron factor is important, bringing as it does an increased awareness of the painful places inside ourselves; our pain in the face of difficult transformation and loss. In the end it allows us to dwell more deeply on the metamorphosis that is underway, regarding both its individual and its collective aspects, and that is still accelerating. We recognize that we lose something of ourselves in the process, which is bound to be scary. This however does not mean that we lose our spiritual grounding…

As this New Moon cycle launches us further into the maelstrom…we do well to reflect on where we are in our lives and where ultimately headed. There is an important part of ourselves that is in the midst of radical change, and that as a result is likely to become forever lost to us, at least in its present condition. This is the action of Pluto, to make way for the new phase, our next stage as inspired by Uranus. It helps to reflect on where Capricorn and Aries fall in your individual chart, or indeed in your Solar Chart…

In the larger picture of the collective, the transformation that we might expect will be with government, power and control issues there, as well with re-constellating our very identity as a culture, as in the rebellion on various levels symbolized on our own national scene by the Occupy movement. Then there is the consciousness and human potential movement, reflected in the slogan that has lately become popular of “Occupy your Heart.” How we align with these various currents within our society will be one telling factor over the coming months and years, as we more fully explore the truth of what it means in this century to be human, and what it truly means to be nothing but ourselves.

Mandy’s Progression for New Moon June 19,2012

Current Transits for Amanda Jean Sheldon

Oct 2, 1971, 9:44:00 PM EDT Miami, FL (25N46, 80W12)
Transits for Jun 19, 2012, 10:50 EDT

Important Features

Transiting Jupiter in strong trine 
(fading, 0.5 degrees) with natal Pluto

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Jun 8, 2012 – Jun 26, 2012, exact Jun 17, 2012

The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

This transit boosts your urge for self-transformation and regeneration. Conflicts and drastic changes may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. Your plans and aspirations for the future, as well as religious feelings, may be brought to a deeper point of view at this time, and these areas of life may change as a result of this transit. You are more serious and look more deeply into fields of study that are important to you at this time. Travel plans are another possibility for more serious and renewed energy during the course of this transit. Your ideals and aspirations may be called into question and you also could find that you are more interested in your own unconscious process or that of others during this period of time.

Transiting Jupiter in strong square 
(forming, 1.6 degrees) with natal Mars 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Jun 17, 2012 – Jul 6, 2012, exact Jun 26, 2012

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You’re something of a high flyer these days. Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with, and in this case it’s your assertiveness and animal passion. You are so extremely confident, even full of yourself, that it is possible to overdo. You may need to temper your confidence with just a bit of pessimism, for balance, during this period. You should avoid risk taking and playing the odds in all kinds of situations; gambling may be a temptation during this transit. You think you can walk on water, and you may be able to pull it off. You benefit by being quietly optimistic and high minded, and then you may well be on the path to good luck and great success in your endeavors. During this transit, you will find you have much greater energy than usual, and your renewed sense of optimism may give you great clarity of purpose. You will likely find contact with the opposite sex quite pleasant and rewarding during this period of time. You may have so much physical energy that you need to seek an outlet for it in activity such as sports or getting down and cleaning up that old plumbing problem that has been lurking. Any activities that you engage in during this time will be very productive for you in long-term results, provided that you keep in balance and refrain from overdoing it.

Transiting Neptune in strong conjunction 
(fading, 0.3 degrees) with natal Mars 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Mar 10, 2012 – Sep 7, 2012
Jan 10, 2013 – May 30, 2013, exact Mar 7, 2013
Jun 14, 2013 – Mar 3, 2014, exact Sep 18, 2013 R, Jan 6, 2014;
Sep 30, 2014 – Dec 30, 2014

The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

You may find you have a more disconnected energy than usual at this time, and a sense of confusion regarding goals. This is a time in your life when you are more sensitive to others needs and concerns than your own. You are very aware of other points of view right now, and also very idealistic in pursuing your own agenda. You may even imagine goals for yourself or for other people that are more fanciful than realistic and that may never actually come to fruition. With so many different points of view available to you, there is also a danger that you may lose yourself in all of the possibilities. This can be a very confusing period of time. The life factors of outward-directed activity, assertiveness and also animal passion, are now subject to compassion, idealism, and also illusion. It is likely that outer events will seemingly conspire against your successes during this transit. Projects well started may wind up incomplete through ill luck or due to misplaced resources. These events have the effect of breaking down your normal ego center thereby creating a space for some more universal conceptualization to flourish. It is necessary at this time to focus on what is truly important to you, and to not be discouraged by seeming setbacks, since every turn in the road serves to further your growing consciousness of what is possible, both in the physical realm and beyond it.

Transiting Chiron in strong square 
(fading, 1.6 degrees) with natal Jupiter 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
May 12, 2012 – Jul 12, 2012
Feb 27, 2013 – May 13, 2013, exact Mar 30, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 – Oct 29, 2013, exact Sep 6, 2013 R
Dec 9, 2013 – Mar 2, 2014, exact Jan 28, 2014;
Nov 2, 2014 – Dec 15, 2014

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

Your religious philosophy and broad intellectual framework are subject to a certain amount of suffering and re-examination now. Painful experiences in these areas could lead you to a new outlook on life. Also during the course of this transit, you may have issues arise related to travel or other methods of broadening your intellectual horizons. There may be suppressed emotions relating to the received philosophy of parental figures that come up for you at this time, leading to a particularly painful introspection and rethinking of your views. Perhaps there are ways that these shared philosophies from your early background no longer fit your needs in the present era. If you look deeply within yourself you may be able to find the answer to questions that come up for you at this time, and move closer to a true synthesis of your lower and higher natures. This synthesis will be as rewarding, in the end, as the experience of getting to it was painful at the time. Then you will be able to use your newfound integration to advantage in sharing your vision for the world with other like-minded individuals, in order to help make that vision a reality for yourself and for society around you as well.

Transiting Neptune in strong square 
(fading, 1.0 degrees) with natal Saturn 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Apr 1, 2012 – Aug 11, 2012
Feb 1, 2013 – Mar 24, 2014, exact Mar 28, 2013, Aug 22, 2013 R, Jan 29, 2014;
Sep 1, 2014 – Jan 24, 2015

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You are in for a potentially stressful period in which it is hard to tell which direction to go in your life. This is a time of great confusion and uncertainty, as the habitual structure of your life is called into question by new insights and awareness, and you feel somewhat disoriented as a result. Perhaps you are being pushed to make changes are in the direction of greater compassion and concern for others, and less purely selfish behavior. You are unsure whether to maintain the rigid structure of your older and more established habit patterns, which even if not totally working for you at least provide security, or to make important changes that seem to be calling to you from the still small voice of your spiritual center. For now, it benefits you to find a way to simply suspend yourself in the uncertainty of it all. You may be afraid of movement out of your narrow self, and into a broader outlook, but when the current period of time passes, the way clears and you find yourself ushered into a reality that no longer feels elusively just out of reach.

Transiting Uranus in strong conjunction 
(forming, 1.7 degrees) with natal Chiron 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Jun 6, 2012 – Aug 19, 2012
Mar 20, 2013 – Jun 11, 2013, exact Apr 25, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 – Mar 25, 2014, exact Oct 16, 2013 R, Feb 14, 2014

The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets.

You will likely experience an urge for freedom and spontaneity. There is a genius energy in you, an energy to create new things and depart from the normal run of the mill consciousness in doing so. With this transit, your mental creativity and spontaneity is up for a transformation of some sort. Perhaps you will launch yourself into new ways of thinking and being, even altering your lifestyle. There may be changes in store for you that have been waiting in the wings for the right moment to come on stage, new ways of being that more truly serve the evolutionary purpose that you came into this life to actualize. There may be some pain associated with this type of transition, since any peeling away of old skin is painful, and the process you are engaged in may leave you raw and exposed for a while. But something inside is pressuring you to move ahead, in spite of the consequences, and it is well to heed the wisdom of your soul’s higher purpose. You may emerge from your chrysalis with a brave form and new wings.

Transiting Pluto in strong square 
(fading, 1.5 degrees) with natal Chiron 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Jan 20, 2012 – Jul 9, 2012
Nov 22, 2012 – Jan 22, 2014, exact Jan 20, 2013, Jul 13, 2013 R, Nov 24, 2013;
Jul 15, 2014 – Nov 26, 2014

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You are in for a rough time, as structures of your life that had previously supported you come crashing down around your head, and you are forced into transformations far more massive than anything you would have anticipated. There is always pain surrounding changes of this magnitude, and you are well advised to “go with the flow” at this time, as difficult as that may be, and just let it happen. All your attempts to hold on to a previous reality will only make you crazy, whereas if you accept the inevitability of change you can even start to enjoy the process and feel exhilarated by it, like rocking along on a roller coaster engaged in the swooping scenery. With this transit, you may experience intimations of other worlds beyond this present one. Sexual experience may provide the gateway into the hidden world of the dark places in the human psyche, yours or another person’s. Old wounds that can be inhibiting and crippling until explored and come to terms with are beginning to open themselves up to you. These are sources of the personal demons that we all have locked up inside of us, and that are coming into your consciousness as a result of this transit, for good or ill effect on your life. Ultimately, it can only be for good, as getting in touch with your shadow side will let these forces breathe and have their communion with the other parts of yourself, rather than remaining in the dark to fester. When you have integrated these dark ambassadors from the underworld of your own psyche, they can become powerful forces for healing as your outlook changes and you become better able to relate to yourself, and others around you as well.

Transiting Uranus in strong trine 
(forming, 0.9 degrees) with natal Mercury 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
May 14, 2012 – Sep 13, 2012
Mar 5, 2013 – May 19, 2013, exact Apr 9, 2013
Sep 17, 2013 – Mar 10, 2014, exact Nov 9, 2013 R, Jan 23, 2014

The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

You may experience an abruptness of thought and communication during this period of time. You will also be very open to new ideas of all kinds. It is a good opportunity to tune in to some different ways of thinking, or to explore other points of view that you normally would never be exposed to. You may find these types of communications seem to come to you more frequently during this transit. You may experience flashes of insight, or moments of great excitement as new ideas break through to your conscious awareness. Also, relations with friends or associates may alter due to these new patterns of thought. You should try to make the most out of these opportunities, and explore the new horizons offered to you, while the visionary energy of this transit continues to influence your thinking.

Transiting Chiron in strong square 
(forming, 0.6 degrees) with natal Mercury 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Mar 26, 2012 – Sep 2, 2012, exact May 7, 2012, Jul 17, 2012 R
Jan 23, 2013 – Mar 28, 2013, exact Feb 24, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 – Jan 26, 2014, exact Nov 9, 2013 R, Nov 29, 2013

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You are experiencing painful realizations around the issues of communication and your mental abilities in general. Your communication with others is changing at this time, and you may have difficulties in this area, as old issues from the past return to haunt you, or you have to deal with siblings or your friends in a way that seems less easy and more fraught with pain and uncertainty. It may be that your very mind seems less than reliable at this time, and you may even feel yourself in danger of mental collapse, as new ideas and ways of thinking challenge you to the core of your current belief system. You may also have a powerful urge to communicate at this time, since that is one way to externalize your suffering and make it more real and available to others. It can be a great impetus to artistic expression to have the world coming down in chaos all around you. Ultimately the higher purpose of these challenges is for you to come to terms with a new way of thinking and being in the world, one that throws off the shackles of previous conceptions and launches itself forward, willy nilly, into a brave new cosmos of your own making. It is in this way that you can come through, and heal some of the old issues that have previously plagued you. When you do, you may also be able to share this more holistic vision with your community so that you can have a healing influence on others around you as well.

Transiting Uranus in strong trine 
(forming, 1.4 degrees) with natal Venus 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
May 27, 2012 – Aug 30, 2012
Mar 14, 2013 – May 31, 2013, exact Apr 18, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 – Mar 19, 2014, exact Oct 25, 2013 R, Feb 6, 2014

The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.

The energy you have for others is changing in some previously unexplored fashion. This gives you an exciting period of time in which to explore new love interests, or possibly to reexamine established relationships. You will gain new insights during the course of this transit. Even your values or your aesthetic sense could undergo a shake-up during this period of time. If you are involved in the arts, you may experiment with new media or techniques under the influence of this transit. The most likely area of your life to experience alteration is your close personal relationships. Usually these relationship changes have been waiting in the wings, so to speak, for some time, and only now are you ready to admit them into your conscious awareness. Any relationships that have accumulated a sense of unconscious frustration over time are now likely to change. Some relationships may end entirely, or they may transform into a new pattern better suited to your changing needs. It is important during this period of time to remember that you can’t go back — change is vital if you are to grow as a human being, since life itself is change.

Transiting Chiron in strong square 
(forming, 0.1 degrees) with natal Venus 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Apr 4, 2012 – Aug 23, 2012, exact May 29, 2012, Jun 25, 2012 R
Jan 31, 2013 – Apr 6, 2013, exact Mar 4, 2013
Aug 29, 2013 – Feb 4, 2014, exact Oct 15, 2013 R, Dec 23, 2013

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

You are likely to be undergoing a period of suffering around the issues of close personal relationships, artistic expression, and your values in general. Relationship issues are definitely “up” for you, and you may find yourself in the midst of some very painful realizations because of it. It may be that old issues of the way that you do relationship with others, issues that you were perhaps not even fully aware of, may come to the surface to haunt you during this transit, perhaps brought on by current events such as with regard to your significant partnerships at this time. If you have a close relationship with an intimate partner it may be in the process of transformation during this period, which of course can be extremely painful, but extremely rewarding as well in terms of the larger picture of your life’s path. It is also possible that your artistic expression or your aesthetic values may be in transition at this time, as you leave off ways of feeling and expressing yourself that no longer serve you. The ultimate purpose of these challenges is that you may grow in your self-concept, and adapt your relationship energy to a style that is more appropriate to your present state of evolution, as you let go of habits from the past that have been inhibiting the fullest expression of yourself in relation to another. The old ways are not working for you any longer, so it is best to get on with the new ones, rather than remaining stuck in the mud of previous patterns.

Transiting Jupiter in strong opposition 
(forming, 0.5 degrees) with natal Neptune 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Jun 12, 2012 – Jul 1, 2012, exact Jun 21, 2012

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

You will have renewed energy for the spiritual or philosophical side of your existence during this time. This transit boosts your sense of spirituality, and your ideals. You may find that you are very psychically attuned to others during the course of this transit. You have new and exciting spiritual insights at this time, and also a more disconnected energy than usual, perhaps a sense of confusion in your life. You are tuning into energy that is essentially beyond this physical plane, and it may become more real for you than mundane so-called reality. You may also run up against illusions about what is possible, or actual deception practiced upon you, so that you think you can make more money or accomplish more than is physically available. Feelings of confusion may also come up for you in a big way during this period of time. It is good to hold back on major decisions during this period. A healthy dose of skepticism also works well at this time, as an antidote to over-reaching.

Transiting Neptune in strong square 
(forming, 0.8 degrees) with natal Neptune 

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees)
Apr 15, 2011 – Jul 23, 2011
Feb 11, 2012 – Apr 3, 2013, exact Apr 8, 2012, Aug 2, 2012 R, Feb 7, 2013;
Aug 14, 2013 – Feb 3, 2014

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

This transit profoundly affects your sense of spirituality, and your ideals. Feelings of confusion may also come up for you during this transit, while the square or opposition of transiting Neptune to its natal position is in effect. This transit usually comes at the time of the “mid-life” crisis, around age 42 or so, or else at age 84, when another period of revision and renewal of your life’s energies is in effect. You are also probably living out the transiting opposition of Uranus to its natal place at this time, another powerful indicator of fundamental change. At this time, you are in the process of far-reaching re-evaluations. It can be a confusing time, as cherished illusions, which may be the very motivating factors by which you live, come tumbling down and a new basis for re-imaging the fundamental concepts of your life must be found. Your imagination is very active now, for Neptune is the planet of image and illusion. You must be sure to weigh carefully the unsettling concepts that come up for you at this time, for although they speak a new truth to you, they may also exaggerate either the up side or the down side during this period. It is better to wait out the growing maturity of these new concepts, rather than acting rashly in being quick to make massive changes in your life at this time.

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