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Sometimes You Get What You Need…and What You Want Too!

The Preface:

I saw the event announcement in my Facebook Newsfeed. I wanted so very very much to go to see Deva Premal at MantraFest 2013. Instead, I chose to practice financial restraint… knowing that another opportunity would come along some day, when the circumstances were right.

As I was looking over the concert program itinerary on the event website. I saw the offering to enter a drawing for FREE tickets to the concert. So, I entered the drawing. Anyway, I had nothing to lose.

The Surprise

The day before the concert, I received an email announcing that I had won!!!

From: Jennifer Beeson <jennifer@brightstarevents.net>
Subject: Free tickets to tomorrow’s Deva Premal matinee concert in Miami!
Date: September 28, 2013 2:49:49 PM EDT

To: “Amanda J. Sheldon”

It’s my pleasure to let you know that we’ve just completed the drawing for the free ticket giveaway to the Deva Premal & Miten concert in Miami on September 29th and you’ve won a pair of free tickets!

If you are able to attend tomorrow afternoon’s performance (2PM at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center), you may simply go to will-call at the box office prior to the start of the show. TWO free tickets are already reserved in your name.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Beeson
BrightStar Live Events
510.517.2891 * brightstarevents.net

The Reply

From: “Amanda J. Sheldon”
Subject: Free tickets to tomorrow’s Deva Premal matinee concert in Miami!
Date: September 28, 2013 3:33:41 PM EDT
To: BrightStar Events <jennifer@brightstarevents.net>

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My heart overflows with joy!
I will be there tomorrow at 2:00PM.
This is exactly the Birthday gift (Oct 2) I had wished for, but was unable to afford at this moment in my life circumstances.
I am truly blessed.
Namaste and shanti,
Amanda Sheldon

The Gift

I am very so grateful for the opportunity of presence at Sunday afternoon’s (September 29th) event,

MantraFest 2013: A grand experience of mind-transcending, soul-filling, spirit-lifting, resonant-vibrations of countless frequencies and amplitudes of instrumental and vocal compositions.

Which then got me to thinking…
how exponentially grateful I am for the gift of my EARS:
…divinely designed to collect each of these separate variables and funnel them all together at once in to an orifice in my cranium equal to the diameter of a pencil.

Of course, following this line of thought, I was then lead to the realization that I am equally grateful for my Primary Auditory Cortex:
…that some how receives, filters and interprets this entire collection (of-would-be-chaos), decodes, translates, and delivers it down the precise and correct corridor to this single one (of my five major) Penthouse-Senses in my Body-Temple-Tower called “HEARING” (not to mention the 355 other condominium-senses inside the winding Temple corridors).
In less than the blink of an eye*, I am listening to SOUNDS!!! (*Let me not go there, now.)

Still and perhaps even more profound, these “SOUNDS” that I hear, are capable of evoking from within me (i.e. stimulating that which must be what we refer to as The Divine Spark) such emotion… such joy… such peace… and yes, even the tranquil sound of such silence.

In awe, I stand in Panamasana.
Any attempt at a greater gesture would surely be futile.

Sometimes you get what WANT & any you get what you NEED…especially when they happen to be the very same thing!

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Venus—The Many Names of Beauty


Venus—The Many Names of Beauty

Source: nasa.gov via Amanda on Pinterest


Named in Honor of The Roman Goddess, and personifying The Feminine Divine, Beauty and Love. Her significance throughout the history of humanity would fill volumes. (As a Librian, She is also my Ruling Planet; just as She is to Taurans.)

Some of the many Names of Venus throughout history, just may surprise you!
Jesus, Horus, Lucifer, Josef and Prometheus! Certainly however, She has been more kindly accepted as Ishtar, Kileken, TaiPei, Sukra, Tioumoutiri /Ouaiti (Hathor/Isis), Noga, Helel, and Phosphorus/Hesperus (Aphrodite/Venus) and more!
Additional details about some of her more ancient associations are noted below:
♀ Sumeria/Babylonia— “Dil-bat in Akkadia” = The Star of Ishtar
♀ Maasai— “Kileken”
♀ China— “Tai Pei” = The Beautiful White One
♀ Jyotitvida (Hindu)— “Sukra” = Clear/Pure/Brightness in Sanskrit; associated with Indriani, Queen of The Gods & Indra as Over-Ruler; symbolized by the gemstone Diamond
♀ Egypt— Interpreted as two separate visible bodies “Tioumoutiri” just before sunrise & “Ouaiti” just before sunset; later associated with the duality of Isis & Hathor in the Dynastic eras; with the understanding of Venus as one Celestial Body, She retained her association with Hathor, while Sirius became Isis
♀ Hebrew— “Noga (Planet) /Helel (Archangel)/Ayeleth-ha-Shakhar/Kochav-ha-‘Erev” = shining/bright/deer of the dawn/star of the evening (consecutively)
♀ Greece— Similar to the Egyptians, the morning “Phosphorus” & evening “Hesperus”; with the same later discovery the Greeks retained her morning assoication with the name of her counterpart, Aphrodite (Phoenician Astarte)
♀ Rome— (of course) Honored Her with the name of by which we know Her today.
♀ Australia—  “Barnumbirr” = The Creator Spirit that “Sang” The World to Life; in the early hours before dawn, she draws behind her a rope of light attached to the Earth (i.e. The Sun); the aboriginal Yongu still honor this legendary part of their culture today.
♀ The Maya— “Chak Ek” = The Great Star; She was their most observed & important celestial body


Finally… “What about Venus & The Pentacle (not Pentagram)?”
That’s another blog, for another day…


Sitting on “God’s Beach” at sunset chanting the Deeksha…

After a quite moment, I decided to read a meditation for the evening.

Here is an excerpt with a slight edit or two:

“We come to believe in a better life through the powerful gift of other people—hearing them, seeing them, watching the gift of [healing] at work in their lives.
There is a [Supreme] Power greater than ourselves. There is real hope…for us and our life.
We do not have to exert willpower to change. We do not have to force our [healing] to happen. We do not have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps…
[Supreme] Power will do for us what our greatest and most diligent efforts could not accomplish [without]…
All we do is believe.
Look. Watch. See the people around you. See the healing they have found. Then discover your own faith, your own belief, your own healing.”

Today, regardless of my circumstances, I will believe to the best of my ability that [through Supreme] Power… [I find Perfect Peace].
…I will relax and let [it be so.]

from the book Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.

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A New Dawn. A New Day

The Seed:

Post on December 20, by Helen Galindo, on her Facebook Wall…

For those “12/21Mayan Believers” Please read Matthew 24:36 (Jesus said) “But as for that day and hour no one knows it – not even the angels in heaven – except the “Father” alone.

The Epiphany:

Comment by Mandy…

I agree. It doesn’t say no one will “believe.” It says know one will “know.”

To me, this date simply marks the last day of a COLOSSALLY LONG CALENDAR…
So, what generally happens after the LAST DAY of any cyclical  calendar (or means by which we measure TIME: a second, minute, hour, day, week, …century, millennium)?
We celebrate the FIRST DAY of the NEW CALENDAR!!!
For example, the first day of our Western (Gregorian) Calendar is on January 1st. This is a mere “time-stamp” allowing us to functionally (or perhaps dis-functionality) indicate that we now have been given permission to PASS GO…

…and begin another lap around The Sun!

Sorry to burst the narrow-minded bubble of our Western culture, but the “Infinite Expanse of the Cosmos” does not schedule itself by our Earth’s orbit, around our Sun, in our Solar System, in our Milky Way Galaxy.
There are scores if not hundred of calendars, by which ancient and modern cultures (other than our own) mark time. The Ancient Egyptians, alone, had THREE different calendars
  • Lunar/Sothic: 1460 Years
  • Civil: 25 Years
  • Solar/Seasonal: 360 (30 x 12) + 5 days

The first day of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar is our July 19th. It marked the beginning of the “Season of Inundation” (The Flooding of The Nile River), which brought and deposited nutrient rich soil for a new harvest. This anticipation symbolized The Divine Gift of Abundance, Redemption, Rebirth, Renewal and so on!!! (Not disaster, calamity, and chaos.)

Furthermore, their is no indication of the use “tense” (past/future) in the Ancient Egyptian language. All events (past/present/future) can only happen NOW. They understood everything as “happening NOW.” There is no beginning and no end; no birth and no death. The Spirt is eternal and infinite. Transmutation Spirit into the form of a Soul was the required for—incarnation (entry into the human vessel) and—birth to occur. A Soul exists in time; The Spirit is omnipresent and limitless.
It is well known in quantum physics that time is NOT LINEAR. “Time” is a subjective experience, measured mostly by man’s objective calculations and instrumentations. However, as MODERN humans in this tangible plane, most of us have a become slaves to objective time—living in the future” (or the past)—rather then THE MOMENT.

The Key is not the one on your Key Ring…

On my way out the door at 5:30am, I realized that my car keys were about 25 miles away on the other side of Miami-Dade county. However, my morning destination was only 2 miles away!

So, off I went, with my thoughts along the way:

I am grateful for my car.


I am grateful for my legs… 

especially when I don’t have my car keys…


I am grateful for my eyes…


I look to the West and see the Moon—reflecting its Light in full phase—to guide my way.


My eyes gaze upon Jupiter—the giant beneath the Moon—offering up the support of all its expanding possibilities.


I turn to the East and my eyes see Saturn and Venus extending forth their grounding and protection energy, before the Sun surely rises—with all its shining power & glory—for the grand climax of their cosmic procession.




I am grateful for the vessel that is my Heart…

At my back, Isis enfolds me in her wings of Love, Beauty and Truth, while my Heart—if only I will keep it open—is filled with Peace, now. It is always now.

My Heart
My Heart

I am grateful for this incarnation… 

Before me, a pool of blue and white Lotus flowers. Though I know not what this day will bring, I walk my journey ‘backwards into the future.’

I become the Lotus. I recede into the water each evening to cleanse myself of all my unworthy intents and actions of the day. I emerge in the morning, reborn by grace and transmuted through growth.

Lotus Blue & White

I am grateful for this meditation…

I arrive at my destination, in this body of clay.

I pray My Soul not soon forget, the company I had along the way.


Ten Months Ago, Today

Original Post Date: January 12, 2012



1. Every morning & night, for the last few months, I passed by my motorcycle at the front door heavy of heart. The South Florida weather had turned, and it was prime time for riding. My bike needed a full tune up & carburetor cleaning before it could be taken to the road safely. Within the last week, I asked each of two fellow riders for a referrals to their respective mechanics, carefully placing these phone numbers in my ‘Contacts’ file.
2. My knee has been acting up a bit these past couple of weeks. Despite the fact that this is largely do to my recent return to a (somewhat more) regular exercise regimen… It was also time for a new pair of sneakers. Much like tires on a car that needs a good alignment, my sneakers require regular rotating & balancing. The wear and tear I generate on the treads has always been slightly asymmetric. Not a big deal. However, in the years since my knee “destruction” & two surgical reconstructions (on top of wearing sneakers 12-14 hours a day, on at least 5 days each week), this wear pattern has regressed to being highly asymmetric. Shopping for new shoes was on my To Do list, but I just hadn’t made the time, nor the immediate cash, available to get it done.
3. Less than a month ago, I applied to take my PhD Qualifying Exams, just two days before the application deadline. I was scheduled to being the three-day exam today. I was totally unprepared.

In the last 24 hours…

1. A business colleague picked up my motorcycle, spent the whole day fixing it. It’s running great & ready to ride! No charge!
2. This morning at 5:30am my client brought me a brand new pair of ASICS Kayano. My favorite brand and model! She picked out some activewear in my Fitness Studio Boutique, and we both won!
3. Sometime after sundown yesterday, my advisor sent me an email informing me that I could not take the PhD Qualifying Exams because…get ready for this one…THE EXAM QUESTIONS HAVEN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET!


Dear Great Spirit of The Universe,

Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent are you.
Only do I supplicate myself to You each morning,
and I am unified with and infused by your love & grace.
I praise you.
I honor your glory.
I ask that you allow me to be Your instrument
of usefulness to my fellows.
I ask for courage.
I ask for the awareness to practice “The Golden Rule.”
I ask for blessings for my friends & family.
I ask for the stillness to listen to my Higher-Self, that is You.
I thank you for a new day, each with another opportunity
to love, learn, change (when necessary) and grow.
I ask for health, vitality and longevity, as I learn how to live.
I thank you for all the tangible toys you have given me to play with in this realm.
I ask for continued & limitless abundance & prosperity, in all things.

Only do I return to You each night, in gratitude that
You have granted me all the things I have asked for,
and infinitely more than I ever could.
I am unified with and infused with by your love & grace.
Great One of 10,000 Names, I love You.
Great One of 10,000 Names, I thank You.

Amun Ra,

Nutjert Sat Auset

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Cosmic Hug

The Seed:
Leaving home this morning, I looked up and was embraced in peace—a cosmic group hug—


at the site of The Moon (Thoth), Venus (Hathor), Sirius (Isis) & Orion (Osiris) all together within the periphery of a single gaze. I imagined a grand meeting in the heavens of the Highest Aspects of The Supreme Consiousness. All waiting together for the Rising of The Sun (Ra), who supports them and raises them up to an even higher vibrational energy.

The Epiphany:

I thought of the souls whose incarnate form was sacrificed so many years ago today, on September 11, 2001. The innermost part of my being knows that they have returned to The Great Universal Source and are working, right now, to help raise the consciousness of mankind on earth. By their memory alone (i.e. even if you do not see things quite the way I do), each of us are compelled to pause and take some lesson from the tragedy that befell this day eleven years ago.

Although, there surely are many more…

Today, I will dwell on the lesson that I must live each moment as if it were my last…

…knowing that my loving Creator cradles me in safety at all times.

I will ask myself:

What kind of testament would my life have been to The Creator if I left this plane today?

Have I worked each day, in the here & now, to send out light & love to all my fellow beings?

Would I walk worthily into the next realm—practiced & prepared—to continue making a contribution to the elevation of Universal Consiousness?

As I conclude these thoughts here in the Fitness Studio this morning—as always and without fail—

Ra rises before me in the East.

Amun! Ashé! Namaha! Amen!