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My Memorial Day Hero

The Seed:

Facebook Post by a Friend:

Several times I have walked through the crosses at Arlington National Cemetery. There I saw real the names of real men and women. Again I’ve known guys who went to Nam, some who came back alive, others who came back wounded and still other who came back to be placed in a cemetery. This weekend is not just a time for barbecues–though that’s fine. It’s a time for me at least to remember those who served their country and especially those who gave all they could. Freedom, like salvation, is not free. It was purchased at a very high price. Thank God for those who gave it all.


Just a gentle reminder: It’s called Memorial Day… not Barbecue Day.

The Epiphany:

I am reminded

Stanton Ritter, my Dad,

is and always will be


I hope you will enjoy this video, that was also part of this Ephemeral Epiphany,

as a tribute to you and all those we honor on Memorial Day

I am reminded… of a very special and deep gratitude I had not drawn a connection to until this very moment. The Grace of God brought one particular man back form Vietnam alive. A HERO to his country, he continues to honor this title throughout his life synonymously and simply as “the man.” The actions of this man, which he would claim as “ordinary,” have made the lives of so many others anything but.

After his return to “civilian” life, he took on the title and role of “DAD” to a little three-year old girl —raising her as his own— when he vowed to become the husband of that little girl’s mother. As she grew into and through her adulthood, “the man” gave that little girl everything he could, in whatever way he knew how.

Eventually, his wife bore him a son of his own. He was humbly satisfied to see his boy grow into a fine upstanding man. He beamed with nostalgia and a sense of fulfillment when son married a beautiful, brilliant young woman that any parent would joyously call daughter-in-law.

Yet, as each of us has some “skeleton in the closet” (or perhaps even an “elephant in the room”) at some point in our life, “the man,” with his skeleton, marked him no less of A HERO. In fact, I say, in the end, it made him more so.

I would further venture to guess that much of the younger human demographic, exists with the unspoken assumption that via travel along the chronological variable (one of many) by which we quantify and measure our life, it is granted that the eventual arrival at some arbitrary marker on this time line will serve to label a pigeon-hole we like to call “our golden years.” This will be the time when we sit back, rest on our laurels and enjoy the fruits harvested from our labor.

Not so for this Hero. As what should have, by (all aforementioned and so-called) rights, marked the beginning of the man’s “golden years;” instead, made demand for a complete reevaluation of his life. Some of which, likely included a reexamination of some of the darkest years of his younger-days.

Ipso facto, he set out to begin The Hero’s Journey once again. If you ask him, he may tell you it was the hardest thing he has ever done… harder maybe even than surviving Vietnam.

Regardless of the causes or the reasons: blame it on Vietnam, blame it not wanting to feel any pain, blame it on the very blood that runs through his veins; it doesn’t matter. The man set out for battle once again. This time however, the Draft was not mandated by some human-governmental-authority. It was a Draft dictated by the only true authority, that of The Supreme Universal Divine Creative Force. This time the risk was not one of ENTERING a war zone, but rather one of ESCAPING… and the only route out was narrowing rapidly. This was the most dangerous war zone in all eternity; this was the war zone that exists only within The Self. It was a covert operation that had perpetuated unchecked for decades, long after Vietnam had nearly been forgotten. It was the Battle of Alcoholism in the War of Addiction. Those who know, will understand this: Paradoxically, the only ESCAPE is through finding one’s way to the road called Surrender. It is by traveling this road that one is lead to refuge and eventually a to place of peace. The finally irony perhaps, is there IS Victory in this war of The Self. Yet is is a Victory that requires constant vigilance and can only be maintained “One Day At A Time.”

In the meantime…
While “the man” was deep in the battle trenches of Recovery…
It just so happened that the man’s son and daughter-in-law were busy bearing and beginning to raise their firstborn child.
Last year the man, The Hero, and his long-suffering wife bravely set out to move nearly 1500 miles from (the comfort zone of) the town the man had called home for nearly his entire empirical life.

Because it is his nature.
Now sober and LIVING in Recovery, it was time for the man to “carry on” and continue to fill his Hero’s role
…only this time he came to become A HERO for a new little girl.
Surely, she is his pride, his joy, his reason.
She is the man’s Grand-Daughter.

So as the cycle completes, it must begin again.
Many people get second a chance in this life,
but not many of them will rise up again to hark the Hero’s call.
A true Hero is compelled to answer this beckoning.
For there is nothing else for the man to do.
It is his nature.

So what happened to the little girl he had called daughter for the last forty years?

That little girl grew up to be a fine woman too. Yes, she had her struggles and demons along the way, and …like most of us… she still has a few. She didn’t come by her accomplishments easy…
She passed through a few illness & hospitalization, addiction & institutionalization, crime & jails, before arriving where she stands today.

Yet through it all, across the thousands of miles and decades of time, her DAD, her HERO was always there for her. He reached out to help her up when she fell down and supported her along every endeavor she made towards success when she was standing.

Not despite, but because of, the lessons learned from her struggles and demons …and the stewardship of “the man” while she was learning those hard lessons… she collected many of critical pieces of the puzzle she would (and still will) need in order to fulfill her own purpose in this life.

Over the last decade she has attended a prestigious university, from which she holds multiple undergraduate and a graduate degree (across the fields of human health and performance) in science and education. At the same time she opened* and continues to operate and grow her successful business. In which she knows she has found the hub of her purpose:

Helping Others.
Continually helping others, and especially herself in and by…
Achieving heath & wellness through a balance of
the physical,
the mental and
the spiritual
components of
The Self.

Allowing the Soul to Align with the Spirit through letting go.
The ability to let go of judgement of Self both to others and of others,
The ability to let go of comparison of Self both to others and of others,
The ability to let go of always needing know why.

*The Little Girl, all grown-up, was able to open her business (in full vision), because of her Dad’s initial financial investment as well as in his belief in her ability to succeed. Jesus was quoted to have said, “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30); hence she was blessed to be able to recruit the help of many others. First and foremost, her Creator, without which she would not have her primariy domestic-relationship and business partner of over eighteen years…

Unfortunately, this particular story is not about him.

Only by grace…

Now, and once again, I must say: “ONLY BY THE GRACE OF THE DIVINE.”
There is not a single doubt in my mind, that the man in this story was carried home from Vietnam by his Guardian Angels.
I am also of the firm belief that even though he had fulfilled his calling in that no-less-important-and-heroic role in Vietnam, he had to be returned.

Why? Because—as surely as he could not have imagined the work he had yet ahead of him in this life—he still had many-a-grand-and-new-heroic purpose to serve..

I hope this man knows

just as surely today, as he could not have known then

that Stanton Ritter, my Dad, is and always will be


I hope you will enjoy this video that was also part of this Ephemeral Epiphany,

as a tribute to you and all those we honor on Memorial Day

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You don’t have to be Catholic to get excited about Francis

The Seed:

Facebook Post by a Friend:

habemus papam; white smoke, actually whitish, comes out of the roof and bells toll out loud; a new leader of the Catholic Church has been elected…so what?

Today’s  Quote:

I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.

~Abraham Lincoln

Witnessing true Catholic faith through a dear friend, by the Divinity of her everyday actions.

I have known her and her family for nearly a decade. I have watched her be a faithful, loving & supporting wife to her husband; raise four amazing children with all the holy love a mother can; come to know the loving parents by whom she herself was raised and taught the values by which she lives; seen her walk in stride (from learning that she grew her own vegetables to save money when she & her husband were struggling to make ends meet and fresh out of college) meeting her at the height of  a gain of worldly riches through honest hard work; seeing her after the loss much of those worldly riches with the collapse of the economy circa 2009 and knowing she fell ill and was all but bed ridden for the following year; evidenced that she still picked herself up by sheer strength of faith & will to move forward.

Through all that (and surely even more than what I know) she is the same down to earth, selfless, inspiring person today as she was when I first met her.

External circumstances change, her faith never has.

The Epiphany:

Comment on the seed planted by the Facebook Post by a Friend…

I am far from Catholic. Therefore, I have no opinion on or real interest in who holds the title of Pope. However, in response to the last line of the Facebook Post by a Friend:“…so what?”
My immediate thought was, ‘That’s not very nice… but this is still a country with freedom of speech. We are blessed with the ability form any opinion we chose and the freedom publicly express said opinion in just about any venue of our choosing.’ Therefore, the impetus to share this immediate thought was nothing more than an internal and fleeting annoyance. So, on I went with my day…
☥ First, I began with my usual habit of reading some motivational quote or meditation before I really get going…

Today’s Quote:

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” ~Abraham Lincoln

☥ Next, I replied to a text, from my friend of the Catholic faithconfirming plans to meet for coffee. Being who she is, I congratulated her on the election of the new Pope, ‘Pope Francis I’ (as of next Tuesday).
☥ Suddenly, I felt a little button pushed that I didn’t even know I had!
So… here comes the fallout after the ‘Push of The Button.’

On the Facebook Post by a Friend:

I’m sure you’ve gotten a barrage of back-fire from others already, since you posted those to little words: “…so what?”
Nevertheless, I would like to put my own ‘Comment’ on your ‘Post’ into context, by clarifying what I inferred from your  “…so what?”
To me, “…so what?” ≈  “…who cares?” ≈  “…what difference does it make?”
In taking liberty that my inference is correct, inspired by my friend’s active faith in Catholicism and the words of Abraham Lincoln….
I said, “So what? I must get to know him better.”
I know very little the Jesuits, other than witnessing the conduct/actions/deeds of one Jesuit Graduate, Dr. Joseph Signorile. In knowing him, I concluded one must need to be…
•a real smarty,
•very disciplined,
•extremely benevolent and
•full of Divine serenity
…to make it through a Jesuit school/seminary.
(Dr. Joseph Signorile was my professor for about 75% of my Ex-Phys. courses. I have gained a great respect and admiration for him, over the years of learning from him in both my Graduate and Undergraduate studies at the University of Miami.)

As to the new Pope, I got “to know him better.” These media tidbits caught my attention:

By choosing a name no pope had chosen before, he may be signaling an era of rebirth for a church troubled by corruption and a sexual abuse crisis.

Francis… the first Jesuit… the first man in the modern era from outside Europe to lead the Roman Catholic Church… known [to prize] compassion, humility and simplicity — so much that he gave up his chauffeur in Argentina and took the bus to work… would represent more of a break from the past than the image of yet another elderly man standing on the Vatican balcony.

His official biographer has said that Francis has both keen political instincts and self-effacing humility, and that he would encourage a kind of shoe-leather evangelism within the church. He is known to walk the streets of Buenos Aires to talk to the people:
“Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the word in body as well as spirit.”
…he often hid people on church property during the regime years [in Argentina] and once gave his own identity papers to a man to help him get out of the country.
…“We have to avoid the spiritual sickness of a self-referential church,” the new pope said before the conclave. …“It’s true that when you get out into the street, as happens to every man and woman, there can be accidents. However, if the church remains closed in on itself, self-referential, it gets old. Between a church that suffers accidents in the street, and a church that’s sick because it’s self-referential, I have no doubts about preferring the former.”
[As Pope Francis,] he also expected to become the first pope in more than 600 years to meet his predecessor.

Just my ramblings…

no malice…

only the intention of sharing…

from The Source of Pure Love & Light Within!


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A New Dawn. A New Day

The Seed:

Post on December 20, by Helen Galindo, on her Facebook Wall…

For those “12/21Mayan Believers” Please read Matthew 24:36 (Jesus said) “But as for that day and hour no one knows it – not even the angels in heaven – except the “Father” alone.

The Epiphany:

Comment by Mandy…

I agree. It doesn’t say no one will “believe.” It says know one will “know.”

To me, this date simply marks the last day of a COLOSSALLY LONG CALENDAR…
So, what generally happens after the LAST DAY of any cyclical  calendar (or means by which we measure TIME: a second, minute, hour, day, week, …century, millennium)?
We celebrate the FIRST DAY of the NEW CALENDAR!!!
For example, the first day of our Western (Gregorian) Calendar is on January 1st. This is a mere “time-stamp” allowing us to functionally (or perhaps dis-functionality) indicate that we now have been given permission to PASS GO…

…and begin another lap around The Sun!

Sorry to burst the narrow-minded bubble of our Western culture, but the “Infinite Expanse of the Cosmos” does not schedule itself by our Earth’s orbit, around our Sun, in our Solar System, in our Milky Way Galaxy.
There are scores if not hundred of calendars, by which ancient and modern cultures (other than our own) mark time. The Ancient Egyptians, alone, had THREE different calendars
  • Lunar/Sothic: 1460 Years
  • Civil: 25 Years
  • Solar/Seasonal: 360 (30 x 12) + 5 days

The first day of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar is our July 19th. It marked the beginning of the “Season of Inundation” (The Flooding of The Nile River), which brought and deposited nutrient rich soil for a new harvest. This anticipation symbolized The Divine Gift of Abundance, Redemption, Rebirth, Renewal and so on!!! (Not disaster, calamity, and chaos.)

Furthermore, their is no indication of the use “tense” (past/future) in the Ancient Egyptian language. All events (past/present/future) can only happen NOW. They understood everything as “happening NOW.” There is no beginning and no end; no birth and no death. The Spirt is eternal and infinite. Transmutation Spirit into the form of a Soul was the required for—incarnation (entry into the human vessel) and—birth to occur. A Soul exists in time; The Spirit is omnipresent and limitless.
It is well known in quantum physics that time is NOT LINEAR. “Time” is a subjective experience, measured mostly by man’s objective calculations and instrumentations. However, as MODERN humans in this tangible plane, most of us have a become slaves to objective time—living in the future” (or the past)—rather then THE MOMENT.
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Soul Mate

The Seed:

I posted this, as sent to me, on my Facebook Timeline on December 7, 2012,
with the following comment:

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe in soul-mates!

Kansas Couple Married 62 Years Dies Within Hours of Each Other


The Epiphany:

My Epilogue on The ‘Kansas Couple’ Story

In this “new-age” of oft redundant, casual and over use of “meta-physical” jargon
(authentic-life, higher-self, inner-voice, etc.).

Today, The Cosmos sent me this…

Caveat discipulus!

Soul Mate:

A variety of different people come into our lives to help our soul expand and evolve to our highest potential…these people are our soul mates.

There are also those special people that we choose to journey with for a life time which we call soul mates or life partners. This card will help you to realize the aspects of what makes a soul relationship healthy, mature, compatible and loving. Finding your soul mate or life mate is only as easy or hard, as finding your soul! As you understand your soul’s needs and desires, you will naturally attract a suitable mate.

Soul mates will be on a path that is complimentary with one another. Their dreams, vision, spiritual beliefs and goals will be compatible. When they are dating, they will ask the other person questions to learn about their mind, heart and soul. They will find out what they do, how they feel, what’s going on in their heads, ask about their families, their work, beliefs, values, dreams, goals, etc. Soul mates would be comfortable and happy with the answer to the question; “What are the five most important things in my mate’s life?” Soul mates will take the time to get to know one another. Soul mates actually like each other – not just love and want one another. Many times people who are infatuated, or in love with love, do not even LIKE the person they’ve attached their ‘in love’ feelings to. Mature people don’t live in a romantic fantasy.

Soul mates are comfortable with the other person’s values and beliefs, and they like the way the other person looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes. They aren’t disgusted or embarrassed by each other’s actions or how their mate relates to others. There are no ominous feelings of dread lingering in their minds about one another.

Soul mates are equals. They don’t consider themselves better or worse than the one they love. They have equal admiration, respect and care for one another, and they respect each other’s gifts, personality and lifestyle.

Soul mates are in tune with their own soul and won’t lose their identity. They won’t try to be like the other person or try to change their partner. Soul mates will be able to see the beautiful essence within one another, along with their imperfections. They will feel safe and free to be all that they are. They feel safe together, and they will both feel supported and valued. Soul mates feel safe to open up and reveal their true self; what they think, believe and feel, and they let the other do the same. They each feel heard, understood and accepted. They share their secrets, fears, feelings and thoughts with one another without the fear of being judged. They both listen to each other with an open heart, and have a desire to understand and learn from each other. They both have a feeling of ‘being at home’ with one another. They each have the freedom and comfort to really show all their weakness with each other, and they are both willing to support each other’s growth. Soul mates do not fear change, growth or aging. They welcome change as an opportunity to achieve greater intimacy, and to grow together in life – not apart. They will still love each other even if they lost their possessions or their looks!

Soul mates spend a lot of time together because they both really enjoy it, not because they don’t like being alone. Yet they have other friends and interests, and they are both fine when they are not together. Whether they are together or apart, they experience peace and joy in their soul. True love is based upon maturity, and a balance of dependence and independence. They are able to depend upon the other when appropriate and they can also stand on their own.

Soul mates are obvious to other people. Friends and family think you are a good match! They will also like each other’s friends …they fit in with the other mate’s friends.

Soul mates feel supported in pursuing what brings them joy, and their mate can feel joy for their joy. The two of them laugh and play together, and enjoy each other’s sense of humor. In the midst of difficulties, they help each other to lighten up with humor and playfulness. Soul mates enjoy being kind to one another, rather than having their own way or being right. They well up with warmth and fullness of heart for each other and express it with affection. The sexual relationship is warm and caring, and they can talk with each other about what brings them pleasure. Sex becomes better with each year together – as trust, familiarity and fondness deepens. True love arrives after many months or years of commitment and challenges, at which the needs of the other become as important as the needs of the self.

Together, soul mates will make it in the long run because they are both committed to the idea of being a team. They see themselves stronger together, than apart. They will endure any hardships or challenges. Their love is solid even in very difficult times. They feel safe and secure with each other, and they trust one another. They each know that they can mess up, fail, disappoint and hurt the other – and the love will still be there. Soul mates have compatible ways to resolve conflict, and they both can easily let go of any anger or hurt and move quickly back into kindness and affection.

It is also valuable to know that we are attracted to and love people who we don’t particularly admire. These souls are our greatest teachers who can help our souls to grow. If you realize that your relationship or potential relationship isn’t up to par, reflect on your own characteristics and qualities first before tossing the relationship aside. Do you admire all aspects of your being? If you and your mate are dedicated to growth, and both of your strengths and weakness score equally, then the relationship has the potential to be a good fit.

A way to gain more insight into choosing your life mate is to ask these two questions.

1. If we were to have a son/daughter would I want him/her to grow to be just like my mate?

2. If we had a son/daughter would I want him/her to grow up to be just like me?

If you answered no on the first question but answered yes on the second question, he/she is probably not a healthy choice for a mate. If you answered no on the first and second question, you may have more growing to do before you are really able to have a fulfilling and expansive relationship. If you answered yes to both, you are probably ready for a healthy and loving journey together.

The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards Lite
By Teresah Lynn
Free App compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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I cannot stay quiet: Part III (I keep clicking on “New Post.” Help!)

The Seed:

Facebook exchange with Joanne Markarian:

Mandy posted on Roxanne Falco’s wall:

Too funny… I just found you are a mutual friend of Hippie Peace Freaks…which I just “Liked” via my mother’s cousin Joanne Markarian, who live thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, CA. BTW, she’s a rabid Democrat (LOL)! Your Mom, Gloria Falco would love her!
Small World…I love Facebook!
Blessings to you & Mom for the Holidays & Beyond!

Joanne posted on Mandy’s wall:

Hey there Mandy….just wanted to clarify….vociferous independent not a rabid dem…..lol

Mandy commented on Joanne’s post, but it turned into a full blown blog post:

Thanks, for clarifying that. (I really was just trying “poke” you to see if you were following me on FB. LOL!)  Roxanne and Gloria Falco are both members at one of our fitness centers (they happen to be originally from Easton, PA).  Adrian Suarez is always arguing politics with them. All in good fun.


The Epiphany:

I sure am learning a lot these days. I think I am realizing is that what I really am is more Libertarian than Republican anyway. I find myself conflicted, though. History has shown us again and again, that when “social liberties” are afforded (by “vociferous independents”) without bound, the demise of such a culture has begun. By the time it’s citizens turn around and say, “Hey, things seem to be getting a little out of control here. Something has to be done.” It’s already too late. Collapse is immanent. (BTW, when a culture does reach this point, the majority invariably refuses to believe it. They cannot see the forest for the trees.)

I am going to run with Freedom of Religion on this one:

Sure, you and I have strong spiritual beliefs, values and morals; and I would like to believe that the majority of humans do too. It seems that the problem begins when we start drawing lines in the sand about what is right and wrong. Where does it end? Furthermore, who (besides one’s own God or conscience) decides where that end is?

I think freedom of religion awesome, but as a “culture”—which is precisely what I see slipping away in America: CULTURE—we have to agree to be unified on certain CULTURAL issues. This would require each of us to compromise (or tolerate) something less than what equates to each of our own personal ideals.

I am insanely blessed to enjoy the freedom of my own personal sprawling, eclectic, unnamable form of worship. I also have deep pride and respect for the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles our country, as well as for The Bible, which is our handbook.

I do not identify myself as a Christian, per say. However I do not want to ban Christmas Trees or Nativity Scenes from being displayed downtown. I do not want to take down The Ten Commandments from The Supreme Court. I do not want to eliminate a child’s RIGHT TO PRAY in a public school, and I do not want to force a child to pray when they exercise their RIGHT TO ABSTAIN.

All of these things are a part of MY American CULTURE. Every enduring culture in history has had some degree of integration of “church and state.” (Note the use of the word integration, not occupation.) As a citizens of the United States of America, it is one of our civic duties to ACCEPT Judeo-Christian principles as the supporting STRUCTURE for this great country, without having to call one’s-self a Christian! Then, we can go wherever we want to worship however we please…or not at all! Better yet, if we’re still not happy… WE CAN LEAVE!

Personally, I am currently a proud member of Unity, Unity on the Bay, and Fellowship of Isis. (Thank Goddess!) Not to mention NA, AA, and sometimes OA.  LOL!

I’ve got the news on in the background, as I write this. Today is the third day of continuing coverage on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Town, Connecticut. Joe Lieberman is talking about how we need to form National Commission on Mass Violence (Yay! Let’s all go wipe our asses with some more tax-payer dollars!), and it sounds like Dick Durbin wants to overturn the Second Amendment (I guess it’s time for me to close this rant, before they ban my blog too.).
Footnote: Adrian tried to post a few opinionated words on Facebook yesterday and he couldn’t. The page kept kicking back to refresh, every time. He finally rearranged a sentence or two and the post was accepted.


The day the majority repeals…

The First Amendment will surely be that of my

Last Words.

My Favorite Picks for The Golden Rule:

Ancient Egyptian: “Do for one who may do for you, that you may cause him thus to do.”
Yoruba: “One going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.”
Wicca: “An it harm no one, do what thou wilt”
Zoroastrianism: “Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do unto others.”


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I cannot stay quiet: Part II

The Seed:

In the shadow of the December 14th massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, a childhood friend of mine shared the following:

I believe in gun control. I believe in harsher censorship of video games. I believe in paying attention to what our children are paying attention to. I believe how we feed our bodies plays a great role in how we feed our souls. I believe we’ve lost control. I believe we can regain it if we all start to care. My heart is aching for humanity.

The Epiphany:

To my childhood friend,

I cannot stay quiet.

I hope you will stand to indulge my extensive comments all the way through. With my deepest respect for YOUR RIGHT to express your opinion, if I cannot impact yours with the following, then I am grateful for the exchange. And I am grateful that as Americans and friends we still can agree to disagree.
To be sure, I do agree with everything you wrote…except the very first sentence. Truth be told, if every other line you wrote came to be, the first one would be obsolete.
Perhaps I’ve learned a bit too much, living (for over 17 years) with a man who spent the first 25 years of his life (1954-1980) in Cuba. He grew up through the entire Cuban Revolution and witnessed first hand how a government’s PROMISE OF PEACE leads to nothing less than the END OF FREEDOM.  The campaign of propaganda that “gun control” will reduce everything from domestic murders, to armed robberies and public massacres is the subtle brainwashing that leads one step further away from our ability to protect the very fundament on which our—still not too late, to be great—country was built. FREEDOM.

You’ve heard the cliché. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

Now, add to that one, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Do you know what is the preferred method of domestic murder in Cuba?

About half of the members of my Fitness Studio in Miami, FL were born and raised in Cuba, and they all concur:

Pour gasoline on your partner and throw them a lit match.

…may God forbid that such a victim survives.

May God forgive me too for such a thought, but it would be just as easy to do the same thing to a classroom of small defenseless children before they even understood what was happening to them.

When you have some free time, I urge you to read the full texts from which I have pulled the tidbits below.

You may remember my own naïveté back when we were kids. My idea of a perfect world was to be able to live on a “hippy commune.” Actually, it still is! The problem with it is that such a concept only works in theory. To that matter, a pure democracy also only works in theory. (Which is just about where this country is at.) As much as my moral beliefs abhor it, “equal voting rights for all” is also another step away from FREEDOM. Now, that’s a whole separate discussion.  However, in short, once the majority vote rests in the hands of those who have “financially less” than the minority, the collapse of capitalism is inevitable.

I cannot help but see glimpses of the foreshadow. “History IS repeating itself” in America right here and now. Ironically, it was the Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist, George Santayana who first wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In 1959, Castro travelled to the United States to explain his revolution. He said, ‘I know what the world thinks of us, we are Communists, and of course I have said very clearly that we are not Communists; very clearly.’

—Year in Review – 1959. UPI. Retrieved 2011-12-24.)

It is a fact, well-known in Cuba, that by the middle of 1959—only six months after the revolution began—more and more people were beginning to realize they had gotten rid of one bloody dictatorship only to fall into another brutal dictatorship. The honeymoon between the Cuban people and the ‘revolution’ proclaimed by Castro was over.

With the triumph of the Revolution, the masses expected a return to civilian rule, and the dismantling of the military apparatus…

In his famous speech delivered on the triumphal arrival in Havana, Castro pledged an end to militarism: Arms? What for? The military barracks will be converted into schools.’

Castro’s acts belied his words. A few weeks later, the Cuban capital was swamped with thousands of young soldiers hastily mobilized into the new military and police forces by the ‘revolutionary’ government.


Nothing escapes their control. Everything and everybody is subject to their orders…


A Black-Market In Guns:

A second underlying assumption of gun control is that guns will no longer be available to anyone, including the violent people who wish to procure them. This assumption is based on the hope that gun control will simply wipe guns totally out of existence, perhaps through some type of government buy-back scheme by which people are encouraged to turn in their weapons to the officials who promise to destroy or store them. Again, the assumption is false, fallacious, and dangerous.

One problem with this assumption is that it fails to take into consideration the free market or, more precisely, the black market that inevitably springs up in response to laws that attempt to restrict the supply of some product or service. Consider, for example, the war on drugs, a war in which the federal government has attempted to eliminate the supply of drugs for at least 30 years. Despite an increasing array of ever-harsher laws, those who desire drugs are still able to obtain them from those who are willing to take the risks to supply them.

Why wouldn’t we expect the same result with a war on guns? Wouldn’t a black market in guns immediately spring up, just as a black market in drugs sprang up when drugs were made illegal? And wouldn’t violent, anti-social people such as murderers and rapists be much more able and willing to acquire guns in such a market than peaceful and law-abiding people?

We would also be remiss if we failed to point out all the disastrous side effects of the federal attempt to stamp out drugs — gang wars, convenience-store killings, police corruption, and robberies, muggings, burglaries, and thefts, not to mention the ever-increasing governmental assaults on the civil liberties of the citizenry.

Why wouldn’t we expect the same results — if not worse — with a war on guns?

But if we just gave the government full powers to stamp out guns, then all guns could be stamped out once and for all, which would mean they couldn’t even be acquired illegally,” gun-control advocates implicitly suggest. That’s problematic, but let’s concede the point. Let’s assume that private ownership of guns is wiped out of existence in the United States and that somehow the government is able to prevent murderers and rapists from acquiring them in a black market.

The Biggest Threat to Liberty:

Would that make the American people safer? No, because a government that wielded the power to wipe out all guns in that society would be an omnipotent, tyrannical government, such as the one that exists in Cuba… To paraphrase an old saying, when guns are outlawed only the government will have guns.


My Dear Long Friend, if you’ve read this far, I applaud your patience and open mindedness, and I thank you for affording your precious time to consider my opinions.

More on the Cuban Revolution at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Revolution

More from me on I cannot stay quiet (Part I):  https://coachmandy.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/must-read-internal-government-memo-issued/

Ephemeral Epiphanies

The Miraculous Power Prayer & God’s Angelic Servants

The Seed:

Facebook post by Jean Sheldon:

“I am asking everyone to say a prayer for “Darkhorse” 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost many in 4 days. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message spread if more could pass it on.
Nothing in the media about these guys because no one seems to care:
Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27,
Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21,
Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23, Sheldon Tate, 27.
All are American soldiers that gave their lives for YOU this week.

Please Honor them by re-posting this.”

The Epiphany: 

For sharing convenience content has been posted as JPG images, immediately followed by full text.




…Even if you have never prayed in your life, just call on him.

HE WILL come to your aid and PROTECT YOU WITH HIS POWER!

A Prayer for “Darkhorse” 3rd Battalion 5th Marines

O Glorious Prince, St. Michael the Archangel, 

Defend us in battle 

And in the fearful warfare that we are waging 

Against the principalities and powers, 

Against the rulers of this world of darkness, 

Against Evil.


Archangel Michael,

Come to the assistance of your Human Soldiers, 

Incarnate Souls manifested by The Supreme Creator, 

formed through The Divine Energy that is Immanent in All Beings.


Archangel Michael,

Fight these days the battle of The Lord with The Legions of Holy Angels, 

even as the time you fought against

The Original Challenger of The Divine, known by many names:

Abaddon, Apollyon, Deceiver, Leviathan, Lucifer, Satan, Thief, Wicked One, 

Leader of The Proud Spirits and All The Rebel Angels. 

They are powerless to stand against you! 

No more is their place found in your presence!


 Transformed by darkness, The Original Challenger of The Divine

continues to creep about in the realm of humankind.

Still guised as an angel of light, he has regained his confidence,

and together with his multitude of wicked followers, he moves across the land,

attempting to invade our hearts and shatter our connection to The Divine Creator.


In The Name of The Supreme, 

And In The Name of The Christ,

Make haste, therefore, Archangel Michael, Invincible Prince. 

Bring victory to us—who are connected to Supreme Spirit—over these crafty enemies of humankind.


For we are protected by that which our enemies cannot know:

The Giver of Life,

Divine Love—Perfect Peace—Eternal Bliss,

The Infinite, The Omnipresent, The Intellect in Action, The Manifesting Power,

The Pure Consciousness,

The Great Experience,

The Profound State of Ecstasy,

The Supreme Universal Spirit.


As humble servants and faithful soldiers,

We acknowledge and seek these aspects, this presence, and its guidance in our lives at all times.


Archangel Michael, GRANT US VICTORY!


In gratitude,


The Indulgence of Leo XIII, 25 September 1888: A Modern Rewriting, by Amanda Sheldon 21 September 2012



…Even if you have never prayed in your life, just call on him.

HE WILL come to your aid and PROTECT YOU WITH HIS POWER!

A Letter from Michael.
There’s a story about a young Marine named Michael who wrote a letter home to his mother while he was in the hospital after having been wounded in Korea in 1950.  A Navy Chaplain named Father Walter Muldy apparently was given the letter, checked the facts and concluded what was in the letter was true. A year later he read the letter in public for the first time, to a gathering of some 5,000 Marines at the Naval Base in San Diego.

Dear Mom,

I wouldn’t dare write this letter to anyone but you because no one else would believe it. Maybe even you will find it hard but I have got to tell somebody. First off, I am in a hospital. Now don’t worry, ya hear me, don’t worry. I was wounded but I’m okay you understand. Okay. The doctor says that I will be up and around in a month.

But that’s not what I want to tell you.

Remember when I joined the Marines last year; remember when I left, how you told me to say a prayer to St. Michael every day. You really didn’t have to tell me that. Ever since I can remember you always told me to pray to St. Michael the Archangel. You even named me after him. Well I always have.

When I got to Korea, I prayed even harder. Remember the prayer that you taught me? “Michael, Michael of the morning, fresh chord of Heaven adorning,” you know the rest of it. Well I said it everyday. Sometimes when I was marching or sometimes resting. But always before I went to sleep. I even got some of the other fellas to say it.

Well, one day I was with an advance detail way up over the front lines. We were scouting for the Commies. I was plodding along in the bitter cold, my breath was like cigar smoke.

I thought I knew every guy in the patrol, when along side of me comes another Marine I never met before. He was bigger than any other Marine I’d ever seen. He must have been 6’4″ and built in proportion. It gave me a feeling of security to have such a body near.

Anyway, there we were trudging along. The rest of the patrol spread out. Just to start conversation I said, “Cold ain’t it.” And then I laughed. Here I was with a good chance of getting killed any minute and I am talking about the weather.

My companion seemed to understand. I heard him laugh softly. I looked at him, “I have never seen you before, I thought I knew every man in the outfit.”

“I just joined at the last minute”, he replied. “The name is Michael.”

“Is that so,” I said surprised. “That is my name too.”

“I know,” he said and then went on, “Michael, Michael of the morning …”

I was too amazed to say anything for a minute. How did he know my name, and a prayer that you had taught me? Then I smiled to myself, every guy in the outfit knew about me. Hadn’t I taught the prayer to anybody who would listen. Why now and then, they even referred to me as St. Michael. Neither of us spoke for a time and then he broke the silence.

“We are going to have some trouble up ahead.”

He must have been in fine physical shape or he was breathing so lightly I couldn’t see his breath. Mine poured out in great clouds. There was no smile on his face now. Trouble ahead, I thought to myself, well with the Commies all around us, that is no great revelation. Snow began to fall in great thick globs. In a brief moment the whole countryside was blotted out. And I was marching in a white fog of sticky particles. My companion disappeared.

“Michael,” I shouted in sudden alarm.

I felt his hand on my arm, his voice was rich and strong, “This will stop shortly.”

His prophecy proved to be correct. In a few minutes the snow stopped as abruptly as it had begun. The sun was a hard shining disc. I looked back for the rest of the patrol, there was no one in sight. We lost them in that heavy fall of snow. I looked ahead as we came over a little rise.

Mom, my heart stopped. There were seven of them. Seven Commies in their padded pants and jackets and their funny hats. Only there wasn’t anything funny about them now. Seven rifles were aimed at us.

“Down Michael,” I screamed and hit the frozen earth.

I heard those rifles fire almost as one. I heard the bullets. There was Michael still standing. Mom, those guys couldn’t have missed, not at that range. I expected to see him literally blown to bits. But there he stood, making no effort to fire himself. He was paralyzed with fear. It happens sometimes, Mom, even to the bravest. He was like a bird fascinated by a snake. At least, that was what I thought then. I jumped up to pull him down and that was when I got mine I felt a sudden flame in my chest. I often wondered what it felt like to be hit, now I know..

I remember feeling strong arms around me, arms that laid me ever so gently on a pillow of snow. I opened my eyes, for one last look. I was dying. Maybe I was even dead, I remember thinking well, this is not so bad. Maybe I was looking into the sun. Maybe I was in shock. But it seemed I saw Michael standing erect again only this time his face was shining with a terrible splendor. As I say, maybe it was the sun in my eyes, but he seemed to change as I watched him. He grew bigger, his arms stretched out wide, maybe it was the snow falling again, but there was a brightness around him like the wings of an angel. In his hands was a sword. A sword that flashed with a million lights. Well, that is the last thing I remember until the rest of the fellas came up and found me. I do not know how much time had passed. Now and then I had but a moment’s rest from the pain and fever. I remember telling them of the enemy just ahead.

“Where is Michael,” I asked.

I saw them look at one another. “Where’s who?” asked one.

“Michael, Michael the big Marine I was walking with just before the snow squall hit us.”

“Kid,” said the sergeant, “You weren’t walking with anyone. I had my eyes on you the whole time. You were getting too far out. I was just going to call you in when you disappeared in the snow.”

He looked at me, curiously. “How did you do it kid?”

“How’d I do what?” I asked half angry despite my wound. “This marine named Michael and I were just …”

“Son,” said the sergeant kindly, ” I picked out this outfit myself and there just ain’t another Michael in it. You are the only Mike in it.”

He paused for a minute, “Just how did you do it kid? We heard shots. There hasn’t been a shot fired from your rifle. And there isn’t a bit of lead in them seven bodies over the hill there.”

I didn’t say anything, what could I say. I could only look open-mouthed with amazement.

It was then the sergeant spoke again, “Kid,” he said gently,

“every one of those seven Commies was killed by a sword stroke.”

That is all I can tell you Mom.

As I say, it may have been the sun in my eyes, it may have been the cold or the pain, but that is what happened.



The prayer which Marine soldier named Michael’s said every morning, remained a mystery until an a saintly elderly priest, Fr. Joseph Reitz, was found:

Michael, Michael, of the morning,
Fresh chord of Heaven adorning,
Keep me safe today
And in time of temptation,
Drive the devil away.


A Letter from Michael     http://www.tldm.org/News10/MarineNamedMichael.htm

Ephemeral Epiphanies

The “I am” Paradox

The Seed:

An excerpt from “Our Divine Birthright and the power of I Am” by Cinnamon Crow

Link: Our Divine Birthright and the power of I Am     http://mysticlivingtoday.com/view_page.php?ID=483

When on the mountain, Moses asked for the name of God.  He was told “I AM THAT I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)  Later, when given the Ten Commandments, the third stated “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain… Contrary to popular belief, using God’s name in vain does not mean damning God.  How can you damn an eternal Being, The Creator of The Universe?  The answer is that you can’t.  What that commandment really means is to not use the words I Am, God’s name, in a negative way.  This is the misuse that God warned against.  Those who misuse I Am will suffer the consequences.  Likewise, those who use it wisely will reap the rewards…

When you use negative I Am statements, you actually create these things, grounding them into physical reality.  This is the warning God gave Moses… We create through low self-esteem and negative thoughts.  Pay attention to the casual way you use I Am.  You will be surprised at just how carelessly you speak.  When you find yourself using a negative I Am statement, make it a point to immediately change it to a positive.

Epiphany (first experienced in 1999):

Thank you, Cinnamon, for your eloquent & profound expression of the undeniable logic that “I AM.” The fact I was directed to your blog (via the purchase of The Chakra Zodiac Healing Oracle) is fitting, as I now receive very prompt & constant feedback/confirmation from The Universe when I am walking on “My Path.”

Just days ago, I was talking to a life-long friend who is in deep turmoil & pain…

  • torn between answering the call of her “Inner Divine”

  • and years of conditioning in religious dogma.

In our conversation, I shared a similar epiphany which came to me many years ago.

I call it the “I am [X-Y-Z] Paradox.”

When this concept* first took root in my Mind, Body & Spirit, the rug was simultaneously & gently pulled out from under the vicious (self-obsessive, self-loathing, negative-self-talking) cycle I was caught in, and it goes like this: 

I love [My Creator**] Isis!

Isis loves ME!

I AM of Isis!

Therefore, I love ME!

*Requisite Tenet: I believe that I AM manifest from a Divine Source which is nonjudgmental, wants the best for me, and loves me unconditionally.
**e.g. [My Creator], any Name or Concept of the Divine may be substituted here…whatever works. My journey was such that Isis manifested in my life, at that time, to help me re-connect to my belief in a loving Creator (…but that’s another story, for another time).
So, if I believe these statements, then by default, it would be a PARADOX for me to think or say anything [X-Y-Z], which contradicts them.
Likewise, Cinnamon, you have perfectly elaborated this same idea, but in a way that allows traditional Christians to embrace their Inner Divine without having to abandon many long-held core principles of FAITH. Thank you again, and I will pass the beautiful truth of your message along to my friend.

…awakening to Inner Divinity:

My “awakening to Inner Divinity”—steadily stirring throughout my life’s journey, even when I was not aware of it—began “Ascending” at a glorious, light-propelled, exponential pace just about one-year ago. It will be of no surprise that—in my Chakra Life-Cycle—I am very near to completing my Third-Eye (Anja) Year of my Third-Eye Cycle. (i.e. The 6th Annum of The 6th Heptade; I will be 41.) With every thought I have, emotion I feel, and action I take… within a matter of days, if not hours or minutes and whether I look for it or not …I receive some form of confirmation from The Universe that with every step I am more deeply entrenched in the path to fulfilling my “Life’s Purpose.” With each successive confirmation, my self-doubt fades farther into darkness and my inner-knowing extends forward into the light.
Although the healthy development & activity of my chakras were significantly blocked, during most of my Sacral & Solar-Plexus (Svadithana & Manipura) Cycles, due to my gluttonous abuse of drugs & alcohol; in the middle of the Third-Eye Year of my Solar Plexus Cycle, The Universe gifted me a narrow (and perhaps ultimate) window of opportunity to LIVE. Obviously, I am here writing this today because I accepted.

In the wake of sharing this contextual tidbit, however, I would be remiss if I did not mention that my 1999-epiphany did not occur until the following Crown (Sahasrara) Year and not without 

  • help from countless other people & resources..
  • daily prayer & meditation…
  • & rigorous self-examination along the way.
That is to say, these epiphanies did not always occur instantaneously or effortlessly, nor while I was passively sitting back waiting for them to happen. I had to stop being a victim and start becoming a master of my own life & circumstances. The difference? Today I feel the LOVE, JOY, BLISS & PERFECT-PEACE or “Ananda Shanti” of (dancing, skipping, meandering or sitting-quietly along) THE JOURNEY, rather than the FEAR, MISERY, FRAGMENTATION & ANXIETY of (slipping, sliding, stumbling or racing-blindly towards) THE DESTINATION.


“I am” is the fundament of connectedness to

The Base Chakra, Muladhara.

How cool is that?

Ephemeral Epiphanies

A Short Storm Story

The Seed:

Children’s laughter in the rain.

The Epiphany:

Delirious (I must be) with fever & flu…
In my ‘sanctuary bedroom,’ I was watching the storm outside my window. Just above the sound of the pouring rain, I overheard the laughter of little children dodging the rain drops through the trees. Thinking of the Spiritual implications of this glimpse of ‘joy through adversity’ (which I had been shown) and the symbolism of the cleansing powers of nature’s waters. I was compelled to receive this gift from The Universe. Outside I went, arms outstretched and face to the sky, until every inch of my body was saturated with baptism & rebirth.
I thanked The Universe for all it has to offer me.
Because no matter what form the offering holds, the lesson within the offering always lies in our perception of it!

Have a blessed day!

Ephemeral Epiphanies

Thoughts on “My Phone-Phobia Story”


The Seed:

My Phone-Phobia Story” from

A Storied Career: Kathy Hansen’s Blog to explore traditional and postmodern forms/uses of storytelling

The Epiphany:

Your ultimate conclusion:

“Do what you love. Don’t do what you hate.”

The thought came to me that there have been many occasions when I wished I would have said something differently; not said anything at all; or shouted something from the top of my lungs (vs. holding back at the moment & later turning it inward).
Maybe (for me), it is somehow connected to impulse control? Then comes in that whole ‘tendency to apologize’ between changes in train-of-thought or topic-of-conversation, when I am free-speaking. (It’s funny how I don’t even realize it if I drop a habitual “Sorry” when I’m talking, yet when I hear the word spoken by someone else, especially someone I don’t know very well, I often find myself judging them as weak & insecure. Hmmm…straw in my sister’s eye; rafter in mine?
It has likewise been brought to my attention (often enough to be noteworthy) that, vocally, my responses can be abrupt and tinged with tones of irritation; that my words are easily interpreted as abrasive & rude. Eureka! Now I know what they mean: I sound like The Queen Bitch!
I have discovered the hard way, through acting in administrative roles, that I struggle terribly—and generally fail—to communicate, in a clear & precise manner, what it is that I want or need. I’ve studied works like Dale Carnegie’s classic principles* from How to Win Friends & Influence People and Steven Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Plus some less known, but personal favorites like: Leading From the Front by Marie Captains Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch.
I think writing is The Bomb because I get unlimited “do overs.” On the flip side, if writing is an art, the most difficult thing knowing when I am finished. Much like a painting, I can keep going back in & touching it up until I turn it into a murky muddy mess. Hence, destroying the original purity of Spirit from which it came.
Human beings think at speeds of something like (average) 500 to (genius)1000 words per minute; speak (audiobook) 150 to (debate team champion) 500wpm; comprehend (listening or reading) 250-300wpm; and type (copy or dictation) 80-200 wpm.Yet, handwriting (from copied to memorized) comes to a grinding halt at 20-30wpm!


I just got back from a tangent on looking for a statistic about how fast a professional writer writes, or should write, or needs to be able to write. Considering the likes of Anne Rice & Michael Crichton vs. Susanna Clarke (who took ten years to write her first novel, an award winning & New York Times Bestseller), what I have concluded is:

“It depends.”

…but boy, oh boy, did I open a whole new Pandora’s Box on what I just learned is termed the writing process.

(Which I know you, Kathy, already know.)

My point?

When I write, I have to slow down my mind, I have to discern, learn, consider, and reconsider. I have found clarity on nearly every problem I’ve ever had, once I had decided to write about it. When I write, I have access to all the infinite possibilities in the universe; time falls away along with all the day-to-day trappings of this earthly realm.
…and here lies the evidence of exactly that.
I’ve gone on way too long.
I’m done.
* http://www.csus.edu/indiv/l/luenemannu/pdf/CommunicationPrinciples.pdf