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Wielding My Manipura (3rd Chakra)

Wielding My Manipura (3rd Chakra)

I had first titled this entry “Opening My Manipura,” but then I realized that this would not accurately describe my first experience in working through my Manipura. Sometimes I feel there is a near maddening (in-and-of itself) overload of information & literature available today in the world of self-help and self-improvement. Specifically, I digress to the subcategory of self-empowerment for women (AKA “Girl Power”). Well-intended advice & theories abound:

Women need to realize the limitless power they have!

Women need to know that they have the right to use their power!

That’s all well and good…

But I invite you to journey with me into my little fantastical, imaginary world. Where streams of consciousness feed the creative growth of new foliage that bloom in metaphors. When I wander around in this place, I am full of child-like wonder and amazement. I have no preconceived notions of what I will find, but I usually tend to visit when I have a desire for deeper exploration of some life-experience, or sometimes just when I feel the need for some indulgent self-expression.

Now, if you are with me in my forest of intension (not intention), let’s move forward on the assumption that, as women (and guys, you are welcome here too), we each have All The Power in The Universe, and in addition, each of us has, according to Universal Law, All The Right of Free-Will to use it.

So, off we go…

There’s a little cabin up ahead. It has all the electrical finishes & connections that normally exist in any modern home. Inside, we find a room full of lamps; 10,000 to be exact. Each lamp is fixed with a standard 100-watt (12-volt) bulb. But, if none of us knows how (or that we need) to plug the lamp cord into the wall socket, turn on the lamp, and maybe even flip a switch on the wall, all of this power is completely useless to us. As the sun begins to set, we all sit in darkness.

Time for me to go off on my ‘signature-tangent.’ (If curiosity kills the cat, then I am one, without a doubt). I am going to leave my forest of intension for a moment, and go do some research…

I made it back pretty fast, because it was very easy to learn how to plug all of these lamps in and turn them on, etc.

However, if I hadn’t also taken the time to investigate another critical factor, we could have all been in for a big surprise (or worse):

The typical standard for modern [home] usage is 100 amps; large homes, with central air-conditioning or electric heat, will need 150 to 200 amps.

Assuming I’ve done the math correctly:

(1 lamp X (100watt / 12volt) = 8.33amps / lamp)

(12 lamps X 8.33amps = 99.99amps ≈ 100amps)

(24 lamps X 8.33amps = 199.99amps ≈ 200amps)

When I return to the cabin in the forest, we would be able to successfully operate between 12 and 24 lamps at once, without overloading the circuits in the cabin. Since The Universe also provide safety nets, if I hadn’t learned this, hopefully the breakers would have just tripped, and we wouldn’t have ended up blowing up the entire electrical panel, and maybe even avoided setting our magical little forest on fire. Either way, though, the result would be the same; we would still have ended up, once again, in total darkness.

After our little lesson in electric circuitry, everyone said their good-byes and went back to the real world. I decided to hang out with my lamps alone for a little while longer.

Setting aside any reason why I would even want to do this in the first place—though I am sure each of us could think of our own corresponding motives, simply by looking within—suppose I became determined to find a way to turn on all 10,000 of these lamps simultaneously.


So it turns out after all, that what I truly have—and here I am forced to fine-tune my original assumption with regard to self-empowerment—is not “All The Power in The Universe” undirected & unbridled, but ratherthe potential to harness “All The Power in The Universe.” My focus (although still quite narrow) now turns to an attempt at finding a large enough resource of energy to provide & supply the tremendous amount of power I will need to successfully light all 10,000 lamps.

Remember though, I am still operating under the assumption that I am endowed with “The Right of Free-Will” to use this power, once I get it. (Or am I? I’ll address that question if you’ll continue to indulge me.) Again, assuming correct math, I would need to find access to nearly 850amps, if I wanted to utilize all the power, which I had the ability to harness.

Since, I think I’ve got at least 10% of my brain working, I am not even going to attempt to find an 850amp power source (which I am sure would be easy enough; any large health/fitness club, hospital, or hotel is designed for this).

Just for fun though, let’s play out my scenario as it relates to these parameters.

Still assuming all my lamps are in the same room with me and within my range of vision:

What would happen if I went ahead & turned on all 10,000 lamps at once?

Would it really benefit me?

Would it allow me to see more things?

Would it allow me to see any one thing more clearly?

No, of course not!

This is what would happen:

The synchronous radiance of these 10,000 lamps would produce 1 million watts (1 Mega-Watt) of illumination. (That just happens to be equal to an average flash of lightning! I only learned that now…kind of ironic. Don’t you think?) The “blink reflex” of my CNS would be instantly stimulated, and at the very least, I would probably end up with some degree of temporary “flash-blindness.” Not to mention, that for as long as all of these lamps remained on, it would be nearly impossible for me to willingly open my eyes. On top of that, I would probably be shielding my eyes with my hands, as much of the light would still penetrate the delicate skin of my eyelids. (Have you ever closed your eyes and turned your face directly towards the sun?) So again, there I would be…this time not “semantically” in total darkness…but still unable to wield my “power” for any useful or constructive purpose. For I am no longer ailing from lack of power. On the contrary, I am paralyzed by the sheer and overwhelming magnitude of it. Until—and only—when I became willing and able to shut off at least 80% of my lamps (and use just of fraction of them at a time) will I find the ability to use my power for any beneficial purpose.

A second and even more gainful option would be to distribute my lamps through-out the many different rooms (I have just magically manifested) in my cabin in the forest. Then, I could move from room to room, taking into my vision all of those things, now appropriately illuminated, in small, comprehensible doses. I could go through each of my enchanted rooms until I got to the last one, and then I could start all over again if I wanted to. On the second go-round, I might even be drawn to new and different things that I didn’t see before or couldn’t comprehend the first time around. For example, on some return visit to the first room, maybe I have brought back new knowledge from something I had seen previously in the second and third room. This new knowledge has given me a new frame of reference (paradigm) and now I see the first room again, but with a fresh set of eyes. This process could continue to hold true with each successive visit to each successive room. On some occasion, I might decide I want to rearrange something in a room. Maybe I find a way to make a room more inviting; more spatially efficient; add a few Fung-Shui principles; take away something from one room or add to another!

I begin to see…

I have ALL THE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE and I am learning how the operation, utilization and application of it, works best for me. As I continue to practice, I can maneuver, create, and improve on all the beautiful and amazing ways I can use my power.


Chakra Chats, Spirit

Into My Svadhisthana (2nd Chakra) (Part I): The Entry

Into My Svadhisthana (Part I): The Entry

I began this entry on Monday, 2/6/2012, with every intention of posting the following day. Although still incomplete, I am posting in progress because this is just getting ridiculous. At the rate I am going, I’ll never post anything. If I want to pretend to be a writer, at some point I think I’m supposed to put some cohesive ideas together.

Here is my Entry

Present Day: January 2012.

  • Just as I felt that I was grounded enough and it was time for me to begin moving from Muladhara upwards to Svadhisthana, I apparently “came down with the flu.” Yet, I would not label it as such. I had no fever, never vomited, and only some mild loss of bowl control. (Yes, I sh-arted.) What I did experience, beginning around 1:00 AM on a Friday morning, was tremendous bone penetrating body pain. Writhing and moaning I stumbled into the bed in my ‘sanctuary room’ (which I had only created exactly one month earlier, on Christmas Day). At 4:00 AM Adrian came in to wake me. I think I said something profane and then asked him to post a notice on the door of the Fitness Studio for me. I could barely make it to the bathroom, forget about getting behind the wheel of a car (be it only a four-minute drive). In five years, I have been AWOL from “Fitness Studio Duty” on only one previous occasion, and that was an accident.(1) This time it was a choice, or rather, without choice but with conscious necessity. As I lay in bed that day the pain began to subside, returning in waves and finally condensing in my abdomen & kidneys as a feeling I can best put into picture by this:

A lead ball is in my stomach and it is somehow expanding, with the intention of exploding out through my naval like “Baby Alien.” Simultaneously, I am being cinched at the waist by a band of steel, constricting ever tightly and attempting to make me look like a party clown’s balloon toy.

Initial Musings: Was this somehow the result of having really opened up and activated my Muladhara? Is it too crazy to think that the unclogging of my lifeline to the earth catalyzed some tremendous physical draining or flushing of the emotional pain (and physical trauma) that had been backed up into my Svadhisthana for all of these years?

 Narration: 2.1-Activating Your Prana

Present Day: February 7, 2012.

  • It is a full moon. However, I just learned that this one is not just your standard-order full moon. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT FULL MOON OF 2012.(2) As it happens, I had begun exploration into my Second/Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana, only several days before this cosmic lunar event took place. Like the Water element of Svadhisthana, this chakra is ruled by the moon. Ironically, for the prior three full moons  I had been making a point to stay conscious of its coming. Maybe I had some ideas about making a small gift or prayer on the eve of the full-moon, but I kept missing it! I would note it several days ahead of time, but come the eve of, I would totally forget. I was becoming quite distraught and frustrated. Yet, for some reason, this time around, I was able to hold on to this lunar awareness. On February 7, I even posted a generic comment on Facebook about the benefits of meditating during a full moon. I was still oblivious to the fact that this time, the full moon was really special. Adrian called me that afternoon, as verily as I was posting to Facebook and said, “Tonight is the full moon.” I said, “I know…” He said, “Yes, but tonight is THE Full Moon. He then told me of a ritual and mediation that we should do, which Nena had given to him for us to perform. We did. It was very special.

Reflections: One of the reasons this entry has drawn on for so long is that the more I continue to write, the more I am flooded with recollections & revelations. Just like layers of old paint; as I peel away the surface, I discover a new layer of color and awareness underneath. Or rather, I remember…because it has really been there all along…I just couldn’t see it. So, I peel back the next layer, only to find a different color and awareness; perhaps long forgotten or perhaps completely unknown to me. So far, I keep finding more layers, more colors, more awareness and for as long as I do, I suppose this entry may continue.

Here, I must digress… I failed to define Muladhara in my previous entry. In retrospect, I feel that a brief explanation for any reader …who is as unfamiliar as I am with the territory I am attempting to explore… could prove helpful.(3)

Muladhara, the First/Base Chakra is associated with the following characteristics:
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Symbolism:  Basis/Manifestation of Life
Location: Groin (Opens Downward); Neural-SIJ
Function: Physical Grounding or Rooting to the vibrational frequency of the Earth
Disfunction: Physical imbalances & ailments
Association: Sexuality, lust, obsessionDisassociation: Retention of Emotional Toxins
Action: Cycling of Karma
Life Cycle: Years 0-7
Svadhisthana, the Second/Sacral Chakra is associated with the following characteristics:
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Symbolism:  Evolution of Higher-Self & Sixth Sense, Life Sustaining Energy, Mysterious Powers of the Unconscious Mind, Pre-Rational Dream State
Location: Sacrum; Neural-L1
Function: ‘Getting In Touch with Our Feelings’ (It’s not just a cliché after all!) Affection, Enthusiasm, Pitilessness, Creativity, Reproduction
Disfunction: Delusion, Distain, Suspicion, Violence, Destructiveness, Kidney Disease, IBS, Colitis, Lumbar Malaysia, Sexual Psycho-Pathologies & Perversions, STD’s
Association: Assimilation, Self-Expression, Joy, Relationships
Disassociation: Addiction (Substance Abuse, Food, Sex), Obsession, Compulsion
Action: Ability to Love, Unite & Bond with another Soul(4), Growth of Consciousness to Enlightenment
Life Cycle: Years 8-14

Now, before moving fully “Into My Svadhisthana,” I thought I would start with a little auto-biographical information. Until I began writing down these details, I was not fully aware of the massive quantity of landmark events (some dramatic, some traumatic) that took place during my Svadhisthana life cycle (October 2, 1979 through October 1, 1986). As I am writing about most of the events that follow, they are beginning to feel as only mere bookmarks for later elaboration under any number of various sub-topics.

  • September 2. My younger and―as far as I knew then―only bother, whom I love dearly but never seem to show it enough, was born. One month later, to the day, I entered the first year of my Svadhisthana life cycle. I am nearly certain there are some findings of psychological study which show that siblings separated by seven or more years exhibit marked emotional separation. Before then, the breadth of the emotional gap correlates less significantly to the number of years between births. However, the gap forged across siblings born seven years apart may be so great, that strong emotional ties simply cannot develop. Double that however, and I believe there is evidence to the contrary. The sibling birth gap now comes full circle, opening a greater opportunity for the cultivation of tighter bonds. The far greater emotional development of the elder sibling, also allows for that sibling’s role to shift more toward one of mentor and/or caretaker.
  • One crisp winter morning, two of Jehovah’s Witnesses came knocking on our door, and fairly echoed the words every human longs for:
“I hope someday you will join us. And the world will live as one.”(5)
The furtive seed was planted. (Inception?) They returned, faithfully and often, to fertilize our hearts and minds with dazzling visions and captivating promises of a privileged utopian world. My mother and I were adoringly cultured and devotedly nurtured.
Lo, but the seed was rotten & poisonous.Years past before either of us realized we had been infected, the organism that sprouted from that tiny little seed, slowly & silently consumed our souls & swallowed our spirits, taking up residence in the shells of the beings that were left, festering & pustulating until their was nothing left to feed on.
Circa 1981?
  • I met my biological father for the first time.
  • I had an  acute attack of appendicitis and an appendectomy, less than 24-hours later.
Through 1986…
  • I experienced multiple, spontaneous, unexplained full-body hive-outbreaks. Perhaps not in fact, but through the perception of my childhood mind, I recall them to be sometimes near the size of silver dollars.
  • I developed asthma. The attacks came with increasing frequency and severity, from Emergency Room visits with same-day discharges, to Emergency Room visits with admissions over-night, culminating in Emergency Room visits with multiple-night hospitalizations.
  • I fractured my tailbone (location of Svadhisthana; nerve plexus of Muladhara).
The sacral region (sacrum) is at the bottom of the spine and lies between the fifth segment of the lumbar spine (L5) and the coccyx (tailbone). The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone and consists of five segments (S1 – S5) that are fused together.
  • My nuclear family (Mom, Dad, Doug and I) moved in with my Grandparent’s. It was the same home I had lived in with my Mother, from birth until she remarried in January 1975. (My Dad is really my step-father, but he is totally “Dad” first and “step-father” second.)
  • My Grandmother passed away.
  • I smoked cigarettes for the first time.
  • I got drunk for the first time; but not just drunk, I mean rip-roaring totally shit-faced drunk.
  • I had my first kiss.
  • I smoked pot for the first time.
  • I gave away my virginity.
  • After choosing to be baptized, as one of “Jehovah’s Witnesses'” some number of years before, I was ultimately disfellowshipped (marked, outcast & exiled) by the almighty fellowship of brothers & sisters of  The Witnesses of Jehovah. As a result, (as she was unable to shake the infection for herself until decades later) my Mother was obligated to treat her own daughter as an outcast & exile as well. It was not her fault.

To be continued…

(1) I accidentally set the alarm for PM instead of AM, stood up two clients, and opened one hour late.

(2) In between writing this entry, I learned that Full Moon on February 7, 2012 (4:54 PM EST) is highly significant: The Aquarius Sun opposes the Full Moon Leo 18° 32’ with Saturn stationing retrograde midway through a seven week stay at 29° Libra. Mercury joins in, and Venus enters Aries within hours. This 2nd Full Moon of the New Year is known as the Snow Moon, Quickening Moon and many other names. In most parts of the world it is winter. This Full Moon represents the knowledge that good things are becoming evident though the present moment may seem dormant. It is a good month to make plans for the future. We can dream, hope, and set goals for ourselves, accept responsibility for mistakes we have made (and move on). We will do well to narrow our focus on personal achievements and advancement.

(3) Unless otherwise noted, all referential information in “Mandy’s Meditations” about Chakras and topics relating to them, come from Patricia Mercier,  The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras, 2007. I welcome your feedback (including corrections, inconsistencies, and/or additions) regarding any of said referential information mentioned herein.

(4) I once believed in the concept of Soul-Mate…we throw it around so casually. Perhaps I am beginning to again…fodder for another blog.

(5) Sorry, John, no offense, and when you sang these words, the context was completely different. May the pure love of your Sprit, reflected in the music you made in this earthy life, continue to infuse us all and raise our frequency of consciousness whenever we are touched by the vibration of your song.

Chakra Chats, Spirit

Finding My Muladhara (1st Chakra)

Finding My Muladhara
If you would like to try the exercise I used, to find your own Muladhara… Please see “My Muladhara Meditation”

Next week will be the Five Year Anniversary of the opening of “The Coaching Corner” Fitness Studio on January 28, 2007. (Now, AKA “Pro Fitness at Sunset.”) What a ride it has been so far! How much I have learned! How much I have yet to be taught!
I digress, this blog is not about the Fitness Studio…yet I suppose it is…indirectly. I guess a little latitude is needed here, if you will stay with me.
I am pretty sure I remember some Small Business statistic about actualization superseding fifty percent after five years. This is still no guarantee, of course, but by year five, the probability of sustained success begins to outweigh that of failure. I don’t know what comes next, but I will say this: Collectively—including all other aspects of life that must go on while starting, running and growing a business—these past five years have been the most challenging of my life, to date. Notice I chose the word “challenging,” not difficult.

Yet here I am, still and ONLY, by the Grace of Universal Spirit.

About midway through Year One (2007), I suffered through an emotionally traumatic experience that literally shattered my perspective of what I thought was “Mandy’s Life”.
*Year Two (2008), I crashed my brand new, five day old, 2008 Honda Shadow VT750C Aero (Candy Dark Red/White). The accident severed my ACL, tore my MCL, and the Medial & Lateral Menisci.
*The end of Year Three (2009), truly threatened to be the last. Every fiscal year inclusive had ended in a net loss, and that’s not even pretending to recoup one cent of original start-up capital. For the past 36 months, additional investment funds, covering the gap in losses through the end of the third year, had run out. The proverbial fork in the road was before me.

Only when a difficult situation presents itself,
are we presented with an equal opportunity to make it work.
Otherwise, we generally tend to ride the wave. Nice and easy. Fun. Thrilling, even.
Yet, I have never seen a wave that doesn’t eventually crash against the shore,
only and always to recede and rise again.

All the will in the world could not hold back the coming of the Year Four (2010). Standing at the fork, the view down both paths—as far as my eyes could see—was arrant. I faced two axiological choices:
1. Start generating a net profit ‘tout de suite.’
2. Throw in the towel (literally), pack it up and go home.
Take your pick of justifications I could have made or blames I might have lain:
-great learning experience
-bad economy
-poor location choice
-knee injury complications and a second surgery
-too much competition
-plan old burn out
-sick & tired of being sick & tired
-waaaaah, it’s sooooo hard
-blah, blah, blah…
I really hate to give up. I have major issues with being told that I can’t, and I rarely take “No,” for an answer. On the flip side these character traits of mine have also been known to manifest obsessively as serious faults: egotism, pride, stubbornness and stupidity; just to name a few. Still, once I get a belief in my head that the possibility of a solution exists, I literally cannot stop until I find it. I don’t need to tell you which path I chose. (See Footnote: 1.)
By the end of the fourth year, Pro Fitness had grown into a conglomerate of allied forces totaling six locations in Miami.

They say, “Be careful what you ask for…”

Enter Year Five (2011).
Paraphrasing from some other recent writings…

I was in a grand whirlwind of new & exciting possibilities.
I had arrived.
I was hanging with the big dogs, now.
Sure a lot of money was invested, but success was feeding my motivation.
I had the knowledge, skill and desire to make it work.

Do you want to know what really happened? (See Footnote: 2.)
I got in way over my head, crashed, and burned.

The ultimate cost of it all?
It was not the loss of
a little easy-come-easy-go capital
invested here and there.
It was the incalculably forsaken value of My Soul.

Finding My Muladhara?
I guess I did, because nothing that I wrote above is anything near to what I thought my intensions were when I sat down to write this blog in the first place. What I put down in virtual print here today is just the tip of my ice berg. A whole entanglement of branches are sprouting from my Muladhara “tree” through this process. (I’ve made a few private notes, for potential exploration in the near future.) The visual metaphor of things previously hidden/buried/rooted—in my unconscious thoughts—now reaching out and growing toward the light so that the flowers and fruits of my Muladhara may bloom, is evoking some hippie-trippie feelings right now. So, I guess I am tapped out for tonight.

(1) As I recall these events, I am enthralled by the phenomena of the tremendous power of Manifestation Through Vocalization. This was not my time first testing out what I now call Putting It Into The Universe. My exact words to my Partner were, “Well, as of January 1st, I guess the Fitness Studio will just have to start paying for itself. Simple, as that.” Suffice it to say that not only did the Fitness Studio begin generating enough money to cover operating expenses, there was always enough leftover to cover the mortgage, the car the utilities, etc. and then some.

(2) Maybe it had to do with turning 40. Maybe it had to do with working 16 hours days & sleeping an average of 4-5 hours each night. (I have the BODYMEDIA Fit-DATA to prove it.) Maybe it had to do to with not exercising…AT ALL…for weeks at a time…all twisted up with the guilt & shame of the hypocrisy of not living by the very foundation of everything I claim to believe in.). Maybe it had to do with not eating (AT ALL) most of the days and picking up a box of Oreo’s for dinner on the way home. Maybe it was just that first act of not acting in-line with my Principles, that began the slippery slope.