THE TASK and “The Art of Procrastination”

In foresight, the commencement of…
in hindsight, the completion of…
is never
as arduous as
the time and effort
invested into
of it.
—upon much contemplation spent—
in foresight,
I have yet to find any more amenable form of
that is so easily executed as
DENIAL under the guise of PLANNING

A. J. Sheldon

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The Art of Procrastination by Aalia Suleman


It wouldn’t be fair at all to start off this article without an honest confession…

If you ask around, you’ll find that everyone has a different definition for this quite ‘debilitating’ psychological affliction…
…Since there are so many definitions, at least one can be adjusted upon our own self. No matter how you defend your ‘putting off’ things till the last minute, the fact is that in reality you procrastinate.

The dictionary defines procrastination as putting off something habitually and intentionally. According to this definition, if you procrastinate, it is not only your habit but also your intention. As I confessed earlier, we all procrastinate at one point or another and on some tasks. But if this is happening on a regular basis, you need to do something about it. So why do we procrastinate? I can easily create a list from experience.

1. Laziness

Laziness is a topic that asks for a blog devoted entirely to it. If you are basically a lazy person who refuses to do things on time, then you are invariably a procrastinator. The two are interlinked like congenital twins attached at birth. You need to start doing things on time first before you can kick the procrastination beast.

2. Fear

You are afraid that you won’t be able to do the task properly. You are afraid that you will fall short of expectations and hence you put off doing the task altogether. If this is the reason for your procrastination then you need to remind yourself that the only way to kill fear is to grab it by the horns. In the words of Plato, ‘…the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.’ Stop being afraid and chances are that you will also stop being a procrastinator. if not altogether, then to a great extent.

3. Lack of Prioritization

Many people fall into the procrastination haze unknowingly because they don’t prioritize their tasks. You need to know what requires to be done immediately, what can wait, and what is not important until a week later. Lack of prioritization leads to the urgent things sliding to the last moment whereas you often end up doing the non-urgent tasks first. You might have promised to run to the tailor for your mom but did that require instant compliance as opposed to the outline for the essay due the next day? Just like a see-saw, if you raise your level of prioritization of tasks, you can lower the level of procrastination.

4. Savory tasks first

If you feel you function better by attacking the savory tasks first before you attempt the unsavory then you are technically procrastinating. Stop dividing tasks into savory and unsavory or boring. Not all important tasks in life are enjoyable. In fact, you’ll find that by taking care of the tiresome and uninteresting tasks first, your procrastination will more or less end for good. in fact, with all the unsavory and dreary tasks out of the way, the enjoyable things can easily be accomplished on time. It will also elate your self-confidence when everything on your list, boring and enjoyable, gets done on time; you are not bogged down by the thought of pending tasks. As aptly put by Christopher Parker, ‘Procrastination is like a credit care; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.’

5. Taking unnecessary breaks

I’ve also seen a category of people who actually start off their tasks on time but are in the habit of taking unnecessary breaks to ‘reward’ themselves. This habit of intermittent breaks not only delays the task, making it ‘heavier’, it also reduces your concentration and derails the thought process, sometimes entirely. Because they have started the task, they refuse to admit that they are procrastinators per se. However, they don’t realize that by taking these needless and unwarranted breaks in the middle and delaying the process of completion, they are as much of a procrastinator as the person who hasn’t started the task at all. Learn to finish your tasks without leaving them hanging in limbo. Otherwise, admit that you too are a procrastinator and then do something about it.

6. Important vs. Unimportant

If you are a capable, timely, and proficient person at work but not at home then you are taking a dangerous risk. The procrastination that you exercise in some areas of life, such as relationships and on the domestic front, can gradually become a habit that can eventually engulf your efficiency at work as well. You should not pick and choose where you can procrastinate and where you cannot. The areas of your life where you display procrastination are the ones which you are taking for granted. This is altogether a wrong mental attitude anyway. Learn to be an overall efficient person.

The list of reasons why people procrastinate could go on and on. In all likelihood, you can probably add a thing or two to the above task list as well. But whatever your reasons, procrastination is nothing to boast about and is definitely a habit you need to kick out of your life. It will take an effort, as with all bad habits, and it will take time. But with a little determination, you can do it. In the words of Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield,

Know the true value of time;
snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.
No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination:
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

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Vacation Expectation!

Friday, 20 March 2015 in Miami, FL, USA
• New Moon at 5:37 AM EDT
• Total Solar Eclipse at 5:48 AM EDT
• Vernal Equinox at 6:45 PM EDT
May your recreational adventure be filled with the blissful serenity of love, joy and peace in every moment!!!

“Vacation Advisory”
A Pubic Announcement
brought to you by Channel Mandy:

Vacation Time is also Expectation Time!
Anyone who’s ever planned and taken a family vacation can almost certainly testify that things don’t always go according to expectation. With this in mind, here are some suggestions of ways to handle those little unexpected “Hiccups” that can (and do) inevitably pop-up, somewhere along the course of any vacation planned by “mere mortals.”

  • 1 • Allow any and all Hiccups to serve as a reminder of the opportunity to connect to the NOWNESS of the moment. Nowness opens the way for Awareness, and it is only by Awareness that we become capable of finding Joy in the moment. Always remember that Joy is determined by our Awareness of what we FEEL inside, not by whatever circumstances may be HAPPENING outside.
  • 2 • Acknowledge any and all Hiccups as Messages that are being sent by your Angels:
    The Angels are asking you to pause, breathe and ACCEPT the un-Expected.
  • 3 • Take a step back, to the side, or even do a full 180°. Just be sure to do whatever it takes to gain a different perspective on any and all Hiccups. Use your objectivity to simply assess the situation for what it is: “An un-Expected SURPRISE!”
  • 4 • Consider that, just because a Divinely planned Hiccup finds its way into your “mere mortally” planned vacation, it doesn’t necessarily mean all chances for excitement have been missed! A Divinely planned Hiccup may actually turn out be a perfect opportunity for the most authentic of family bonding experiences. When everyone works together to find a strategy for getting through a Hiccup, lessons about trust, unity and cooperation are learned and reinforced. These are the once-in-lifetime experiences that will endure… not the fastest roller-coaster or the highest water-slide. An unexpected Hiccup may even end up becoming one of the most laughable memories of your vacation. The very best Hiccups of all, are the ones that become the stuff of the stories your children will someday tell their children.

Can you hear the small voices, faint and far into the years ahead?

Dad? Will you tell us the story of that time when Grandma and Grandpa took you and Uncle John on vacation, and…

  • 5 • Count the Hiccups as you would the Blessings, for in the end, they will be but a small part of the grand entirety of your wonderful, beautiful, perfect-just-as-it-is… VACATION of EXPECTATION!
  • 6 • LAST, but NOT LEAST! This suggestion may, in fact, be the most important one of all for ensuring that your vacation is legendary. Leave all of your day-to-day stresses, worries, anxieties and concerns right where you left them …in the office …at school …around the house …etc. All these things are guaranteed to remain safe and sound, right where you left them; and they will wait patiently, with no resentments, and for as long as they need to, until you return. There is no suggestion for handling the Hiccup of a parent who is constantly attending to their mobile device, throughout their entire family vacation, rather than attending to their family. There is only one solution for this Hiccup, and it is a drastic one: 

Turn off the electronics and tune into each other! 

  • Your children really do want to spend time—secure in the knowing that they are—at the center of their parents’ full attention. Your child may not even know this for themselves, unless they have had the opportunity to experience it! The payoff value of time spent this way can never equate to any fiscal dollars that may become the sacrifice for the cost of not answering a phone call or replying to an email.

Homeward Bound—A Final Thought
When your vacation comes to its fruition, the worst thing to be feeling would be that you need to vacation, when you get home from your vacation. The greatest hope is that when you do return, you will come back ready to address the same OLD Day-to-Day Circumstances with a revitalized and NEWBORN Soul.
You will know your vacation has been a success when…as you are rolling up in the driveway, unloading the suitcases, and feeling the familiar weight and hearing the sing-song jingle of your keys…just as you slide the singular key that will unlock the front door into its keyhole and begin turning the door knob, you find yourself meditating on the gratitude and the truth of the following words:

I AM where I belong, and I am Home.
I FEEL comfort here, and it is Home.
I DO all action in support of sustenance, for this is Home
I LOVE, I am loved, and my Heart is Home.
I SHARE, I give, I receive, in Union, and this Fortitude is Home.
I SEE Beauty all around me, and I am Home.
I UNDERSTAND, and I am understood;
where the Peace & Spirit of Understanding dwell, it is my Home.


Exercise for Injury Prevention: The Rotator Cuff

Chest Press for Shoulder StabilizationInj Pre Rot Cuff

Injury Prevention via Increased Shoulder Girdle Stability

This variation on the traditional dumbbell chest press is extremely effective for preventing one of the most frequent injuries, seen in both novice and seasoned weight lifters. Commonly referred to as a ‘Rotator Cuff’ injury, this term may be applied to a strain or tear in any one of the group of these four little known, but critically important, muscles within the Shoulder Girdle Complex.

• Choose a dumbbell weight that is approximately ⚠️ 20% LESS ⚠️ than what you are currently using in your traditional dumbbell chest press exercise execution.
• Sit on a physio-ball with your chosen dumbbells at your feet. Reach forward to pick up your dumbbells while bringing them in close to your torso as you return to a seated position on the physio-ball.
• Keeping your dumbbells close to your torso, walk your legs forward as you lean back onto the physio-ball until your scapula (shoulder blades) are centered over the midline of the physio-ball. Allow for the back of your head to be supported by the physio-ball. However, there should be ⚠️ NO PRESSURE ON THE NECK⚠️ .
• Position dumbbells level with your chest and palms in the neutral (facing each other) position.

👍The rotational movements detailed in the execution of this exercise, relative to the body’s position, support the natural bio-mechanical action of the shoulder.
The inclusion of the correct rotational movements are directly proportional to the extent to which this exercise will effectively contribute to increased stability of the shoulder girdle, as well as its usefulness as a program goal of Injury Prevention.
• Begin by extending/pressing both dumbbells straight up over your chest, while rotating your palms to the prone (facing down/away) position.
👍This rotational movement supports the natural bio-mechanical action of the shoulder, relative to the body’s position in the exercise.
• Keep holding the left-handed dumbbell straight up, and lower the right-handed dumbbell in a controlled motion while rotating your right palm back to the neutral position until it touches the outside of your right shoulder. Pause, and return the right-handed dumbbell to the starting position by extending/pressing the dumbbell straight up over your chest and rotating your right palm back to the prone position again.
👍 An example of the practical application of this movement can be seen with the delivery of a basic boxing punch.
• Repeat this execution by keeping the right-handed dumbbell straight up while lowering the left-handed dumbbell.

Effective & Efficient Bonus Move:
With every return extending/pressing of a dumbbell straight up, take this moment to simultaneously create an extra push or squeeze of the chest with both dumbbells at the top of the movement, as if you are trying to touch both dumbbells to the ceiling.

Effective & Efficient Bonus Tip:
Keep your hips lifted by tightening your gluteal & core muscles while visualizing your entire body as if it were positioned on an invisible bench

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An estimated $650 in goods (nutritional supplements, fitness apparel, audio equipment) and $70 in cash was stolen from Pro Fitness at Sunset sometime after closing yesterday night. Sometime just before closing, a rear emergency exit, that always remains locked, was intentionally altered (from the inside) to later allowed said burglar unauthorized entry into the Studio, with the intent to commit a felony. Based on the extreme precision and obvious premeditation with which the crime was executed, there are clear and conclusive indicators that this was “an inside job.” It is with near certainty that the potential suspect is believed to be a regular member of (what I & my partner have often referred to as) our Pro Fitness Family.

Pro Fitness Front Desk

Who are members of the Pro Fitness Family? They are the people that we see every day; they are the people that we know by name… that you know by name. They are the people whom with we laugh; debate exercise technique & proper nutrition; talk sports, argue politics or simply comment on the weather. Some are the people with whom we’ve shared our deepest secrets and an a few are even ones we’ve cried with. We’ve seen our Pro Fitness Family members, get married and get divorced, bear children and bury loved ones. We’ve witness countless miracles, like the time one of our Pro Fitness Family members was resuscitated at the scene of a deadly car crash—only to be subsequently diagnosed with severe brain damage and only the prognosis of life in vegetive state, being fed through one tube and excreting from another—come walking back into the Studio just one year later! More than that, she came ready to start working out again… right back in the very place where she first began her fitness journey. Over the years, I’ve personally experienced the joy and wonder of working with my clients, while their children grew, from kindergarden to college, right under my nose! These are the relationships that begin, are nurtured and become interwoven into the very fiber of our being (and the fibers of our muscles) and the fabric of our lives. Here, at Pro Fitness at Sunset. These are each and every one of you. You are our Pro Fitness Family.
Detectives have already been interviewing potential witnesses, video footage is under review and a profile of the perpetrator is being compiled. However, when it comes to the value of things in life, the worst damage is not the loss of monetary stuffs (though we do feel a significant pinch from a $720 loss on a day-to-day business perspective); the greater atrocity is the deep sadness and the betrayal of trust inflicted by the ricochet of this incident. Our Pro Fitness Family of friendly neighborhood fitness fanatics is one of the greatest sources of pride and pleasure in our work. It is what keeps us from being beat down, worn out, and drained dry by the vortex of the daily grind; it is what keeps us centered, rooted and inside this enigma that is termed “the fitness industry.”
We have great gratitude and hold universal love for each and every one of our Pro Fitness Family members, and we hope to be a part of this beautiful little anomaly on our planet for a long time to come.
If you have any information that can help us identify and bring to justice the person (or persons) who has broken the unspoken but very tangible bond we all share, think about what your Pro Fitness Family means to you… and then do what you know you must.

May this and every day offer you just what you need in each unfolding moment,


Sometimes You Get What You Need…and What You Want Too!

The Preface:

I saw the event announcement in my Facebook Newsfeed. I wanted so very very much to go to see Deva Premal at MantraFest 2013. Instead, I chose to practice financial restraint… knowing that another opportunity would come along some day, when the circumstances were right.

As I was looking over the concert program itinerary on the event website. I saw the offering to enter a drawing for FREE tickets to the concert. So, I entered the drawing. Anyway, I had nothing to lose.

The Surprise

The day before the concert, I received an email announcing that I had won!!!

From: Jennifer Beeson <jennifer@brightstarevents.net>
Subject: Free tickets to tomorrow’s Deva Premal matinee concert in Miami!
Date: September 28, 2013 2:49:49 PM EDT

To: “Amanda J. Sheldon”

It’s my pleasure to let you know that we’ve just completed the drawing for the free ticket giveaway to the Deva Premal & Miten concert in Miami on September 29th and you’ve won a pair of free tickets!

If you are able to attend tomorrow afternoon’s performance (2PM at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center), you may simply go to will-call at the box office prior to the start of the show. TWO free tickets are already reserved in your name.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Beeson
BrightStar Live Events
510.517.2891 * brightstarevents.net

The Reply

From: “Amanda J. Sheldon”
Subject: Free tickets to tomorrow’s Deva Premal matinee concert in Miami!
Date: September 28, 2013 3:33:41 PM EDT
To: BrightStar Events <jennifer@brightstarevents.net>

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My heart overflows with joy!
I will be there tomorrow at 2:00PM.
This is exactly the Birthday gift (Oct 2) I had wished for, but was unable to afford at this moment in my life circumstances.
I am truly blessed.
Namaste and shanti,
Amanda Sheldon

The Gift

I am very so grateful for the opportunity of presence at Sunday afternoon’s (September 29th) event,

MantraFest 2013: A grand experience of mind-transcending, soul-filling, spirit-lifting, resonant-vibrations of countless frequencies and amplitudes of instrumental and vocal compositions.

Which then got me to thinking…
how exponentially grateful I am for the gift of my EARS:
…divinely designed to collect each of these separate variables and funnel them all together at once in to an orifice in my cranium equal to the diameter of a pencil.

Of course, following this line of thought, I was then lead to the realization that I am equally grateful for my Primary Auditory Cortex:
…that some how receives, filters and interprets this entire collection (of-would-be-chaos), decodes, translates, and delivers it down the precise and correct corridor to this single one (of my five major) Penthouse-Senses in my Body-Temple-Tower called “HEARING” (not to mention the 355 other condominium-senses inside the winding Temple corridors).
In less than the blink of an eye*, I am listening to SOUNDS!!! (*Let me not go there, now.)

Still and perhaps even more profound, these “SOUNDS” that I hear, are capable of evoking from within me (i.e. stimulating that which must be what we refer to as The Divine Spark) such emotion… such joy… such peace… and yes, even the tranquil sound of such silence.

In awe, I stand in Panamasana.
Any attempt at a greater gesture would surely be futile.

Sometimes you get what WANT & any you get what you NEED…especially when they happen to be the very same thing!

Ephemeral Epiphanies

My Memorial Day Hero

The Seed:

Facebook Post by a Friend:

Several times I have walked through the crosses at Arlington National Cemetery. There I saw real the names of real men and women. Again I’ve known guys who went to Nam, some who came back alive, others who came back wounded and still other who came back to be placed in a cemetery. This weekend is not just a time for barbecues–though that’s fine. It’s a time for me at least to remember those who served their country and especially those who gave all they could. Freedom, like salvation, is not free. It was purchased at a very high price. Thank God for those who gave it all.


Just a gentle reminder: It’s called Memorial Day… not Barbecue Day.

The Epiphany:

I am reminded

Stanton Ritter, my Dad,

is and always will be


I hope you will enjoy this video, that was also part of this Ephemeral Epiphany,

as a tribute to you and all those we honor on Memorial Day

I am reminded… of a very special and deep gratitude I had not drawn a connection to until this very moment. The Grace of God brought one particular man back form Vietnam alive. A HERO to his country, he continues to honor this title throughout his life synonymously and simply as “the man.” The actions of this man, which he would claim as “ordinary,” have made the lives of so many others anything but.

After his return to “civilian” life, he took on the title and role of “DAD” to a little three-year old girl —raising her as his own— when he vowed to become the husband of that little girl’s mother. As she grew into and through her adulthood, “the man” gave that little girl everything he could, in whatever way he knew how.

Eventually, his wife bore him a son of his own. He was humbly satisfied to see his boy grow into a fine upstanding man. He beamed with nostalgia and a sense of fulfillment when son married a beautiful, brilliant young woman that any parent would joyously call daughter-in-law.

Yet, as each of us has some “skeleton in the closet” (or perhaps even an “elephant in the room”) at some point in our life, “the man,” with his skeleton, marked him no less of A HERO. In fact, I say, in the end, it made him more so.

I would further venture to guess that much of the younger human demographic, exists with the unspoken assumption that via travel along the chronological variable (one of many) by which we quantify and measure our life, it is granted that the eventual arrival at some arbitrary marker on this time line will serve to label a pigeon-hole we like to call “our golden years.” This will be the time when we sit back, rest on our laurels and enjoy the fruits harvested from our labor.

Not so for this Hero. As what should have, by (all aforementioned and so-called) rights, marked the beginning of the man’s “golden years;” instead, made demand for a complete reevaluation of his life. Some of which, likely included a reexamination of some of the darkest years of his younger-days.

Ipso facto, he set out to begin The Hero’s Journey once again. If you ask him, he may tell you it was the hardest thing he has ever done… harder maybe even than surviving Vietnam.

Regardless of the causes or the reasons: blame it on Vietnam, blame it not wanting to feel any pain, blame it on the very blood that runs through his veins; it doesn’t matter. The man set out for battle once again. This time however, the Draft was not mandated by some human-governmental-authority. It was a Draft dictated by the only true authority, that of The Supreme Universal Divine Creative Force. This time the risk was not one of ENTERING a war zone, but rather one of ESCAPING… and the only route out was narrowing rapidly. This was the most dangerous war zone in all eternity; this was the war zone that exists only within The Self. It was a covert operation that had perpetuated unchecked for decades, long after Vietnam had nearly been forgotten. It was the Battle of Alcoholism in the War of Addiction. Those who know, will understand this: Paradoxically, the only ESCAPE is through finding one’s way to the road called Surrender. It is by traveling this road that one is lead to refuge and eventually a to place of peace. The finally irony perhaps, is there IS Victory in this war of The Self. Yet is is a Victory that requires constant vigilance and can only be maintained “One Day At A Time.”

In the meantime…
While “the man” was deep in the battle trenches of Recovery…
It just so happened that the man’s son and daughter-in-law were busy bearing and beginning to raise their firstborn child.
Last year the man, The Hero, and his long-suffering wife bravely set out to move nearly 1500 miles from (the comfort zone of) the town the man had called home for nearly his entire empirical life.

Because it is his nature.
Now sober and LIVING in Recovery, it was time for the man to “carry on” and continue to fill his Hero’s role
…only this time he came to become A HERO for a new little girl.
Surely, she is his pride, his joy, his reason.
She is the man’s Grand-Daughter.

So as the cycle completes, it must begin again.
Many people get second a chance in this life,
but not many of them will rise up again to hark the Hero’s call.
A true Hero is compelled to answer this beckoning.
For there is nothing else for the man to do.
It is his nature.

So what happened to the little girl he had called daughter for the last forty years?

That little girl grew up to be a fine woman too. Yes, she had her struggles and demons along the way, and …like most of us… she still has a few. She didn’t come by her accomplishments easy…
She passed through a few illness & hospitalization, addiction & institutionalization, crime & jails, before arriving where she stands today.

Yet through it all, across the thousands of miles and decades of time, her DAD, her HERO was always there for her. He reached out to help her up when she fell down and supported her along every endeavor she made towards success when she was standing.

Not despite, but because of, the lessons learned from her struggles and demons …and the stewardship of “the man” while she was learning those hard lessons… she collected many of critical pieces of the puzzle she would (and still will) need in order to fulfill her own purpose in this life.

Over the last decade she has attended a prestigious university, from which she holds multiple undergraduate and a graduate degree (across the fields of human health and performance) in science and education. At the same time she opened* and continues to operate and grow her successful business. In which she knows she has found the hub of her purpose:

Helping Others.
Continually helping others, and especially herself in and by…
Achieving heath & wellness through a balance of
the physical,
the mental and
the spiritual
components of
The Self.

Allowing the Soul to Align with the Spirit through letting go.
The ability to let go of judgement of Self both to others and of others,
The ability to let go of comparison of Self both to others and of others,
The ability to let go of always needing know why.

*The Little Girl, all grown-up, was able to open her business (in full vision), because of her Dad’s initial financial investment as well as in his belief in her ability to succeed. Jesus was quoted to have said, “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30); hence she was blessed to be able to recruit the help of many others. First and foremost, her Creator, without which she would not have her primariy domestic-relationship and business partner of over eighteen years…

Unfortunately, this particular story is not about him.

Only by grace…

Now, and once again, I must say: “ONLY BY THE GRACE OF THE DIVINE.”
There is not a single doubt in my mind, that the man in this story was carried home from Vietnam by his Guardian Angels.
I am also of the firm belief that even though he had fulfilled his calling in that no-less-important-and-heroic role in Vietnam, he had to be returned.

Why? Because—as surely as he could not have imagined the work he had yet ahead of him in this life—he still had many-a-grand-and-new-heroic purpose to serve..

I hope this man knows

just as surely today, as he could not have known then

that Stanton Ritter, my Dad, is and always will be


I hope you will enjoy this video that was also part of this Ephemeral Epiphany,

as a tribute to you and all those we honor on Memorial Day

Ephemeral Epiphanies

You don’t have to be Catholic to get excited about Francis

The Seed:

Facebook Post by a Friend:

habemus papam; white smoke, actually whitish, comes out of the roof and bells toll out loud; a new leader of the Catholic Church has been elected…so what?

Today’s  Quote:

I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.

~Abraham Lincoln

Witnessing true Catholic faith through a dear friend, by the Divinity of her everyday actions.

I have known her and her family for nearly a decade. I have watched her be a faithful, loving & supporting wife to her husband; raise four amazing children with all the holy love a mother can; come to know the loving parents by whom she herself was raised and taught the values by which she lives; seen her walk in stride (from learning that she grew her own vegetables to save money when she & her husband were struggling to make ends meet and fresh out of college) meeting her at the height of  a gain of worldly riches through honest hard work; seeing her after the loss much of those worldly riches with the collapse of the economy circa 2009 and knowing she fell ill and was all but bed ridden for the following year; evidenced that she still picked herself up by sheer strength of faith & will to move forward.

Through all that (and surely even more than what I know) she is the same down to earth, selfless, inspiring person today as she was when I first met her.

External circumstances change, her faith never has.

The Epiphany:

Comment on the seed planted by the Facebook Post by a Friend…

I am far from Catholic. Therefore, I have no opinion on or real interest in who holds the title of Pope. However, in response to the last line of the Facebook Post by a Friend:“…so what?”
My immediate thought was, ‘That’s not very nice… but this is still a country with freedom of speech. We are blessed with the ability form any opinion we chose and the freedom publicly express said opinion in just about any venue of our choosing.’ Therefore, the impetus to share this immediate thought was nothing more than an internal and fleeting annoyance. So, on I went with my day…
☥ First, I began with my usual habit of reading some motivational quote or meditation before I really get going…

Today’s Quote:

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” ~Abraham Lincoln

☥ Next, I replied to a text, from my friend of the Catholic faithconfirming plans to meet for coffee. Being who she is, I congratulated her on the election of the new Pope, ‘Pope Francis I’ (as of next Tuesday).
☥ Suddenly, I felt a little button pushed that I didn’t even know I had!
So… here comes the fallout after the ‘Push of The Button.’

On the Facebook Post by a Friend:

I’m sure you’ve gotten a barrage of back-fire from others already, since you posted those to little words: “…so what?”
Nevertheless, I would like to put my own ‘Comment’ on your ‘Post’ into context, by clarifying what I inferred from your  “…so what?”
To me, “…so what?” ≈  “…who cares?” ≈  “…what difference does it make?”
In taking liberty that my inference is correct, inspired by my friend’s active faith in Catholicism and the words of Abraham Lincoln….
I said, “So what? I must get to know him better.”
I know very little the Jesuits, other than witnessing the conduct/actions/deeds of one Jesuit Graduate, Dr. Joseph Signorile. In knowing him, I concluded one must need to be…
•a real smarty,
•very disciplined,
•extremely benevolent and
•full of Divine serenity
…to make it through a Jesuit school/seminary.
(Dr. Joseph Signorile was my professor for about 75% of my Ex-Phys. courses. I have gained a great respect and admiration for him, over the years of learning from him in both my Graduate and Undergraduate studies at the University of Miami.)

As to the new Pope, I got “to know him better.” These media tidbits caught my attention:

By choosing a name no pope had chosen before, he may be signaling an era of rebirth for a church troubled by corruption and a sexual abuse crisis.

Francis… the first Jesuit… the first man in the modern era from outside Europe to lead the Roman Catholic Church… known [to prize] compassion, humility and simplicity — so much that he gave up his chauffeur in Argentina and took the bus to work… would represent more of a break from the past than the image of yet another elderly man standing on the Vatican balcony.

His official biographer has said that Francis has both keen political instincts and self-effacing humility, and that he would encourage a kind of shoe-leather evangelism within the church. He is known to walk the streets of Buenos Aires to talk to the people:
“Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the word in body as well as spirit.”
…he often hid people on church property during the regime years [in Argentina] and once gave his own identity papers to a man to help him get out of the country.
…“We have to avoid the spiritual sickness of a self-referential church,” the new pope said before the conclave. …“It’s true that when you get out into the street, as happens to every man and woman, there can be accidents. However, if the church remains closed in on itself, self-referential, it gets old. Between a church that suffers accidents in the street, and a church that’s sick because it’s self-referential, I have no doubts about preferring the former.”
[As Pope Francis,] he also expected to become the first pope in more than 600 years to meet his predecessor.

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March’s New Moon: A Miraculous Cosmic Alignment

New Moon
March 11, 2013
3:52 PM (EDT)

Ideal Opportunity for New Beginnings!

New Moon 3.2013

Moon Configurations:
Moon in Pisces
Moon and Chiron in Conjunction

MOON = Feelings
PISCES = Intuiting
CHIRON = Healing

10 Celestial Elements are Water
Water = Feelings

10 Celestial Modes are Mutable
Mutable = Harmonious

Moon Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Feelings

Venus Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Attraction

Sun Conjunction Chiron =
Blending Healing Energy

Saturn Trine Chiron =
Flowing Healing Boundaries

Pluto Sextile Chiron =
Flowing Healing Transformation

Pluto Sextile Saturn =
Flowing Transformation Boundaries

Uranus Conjunction Mars =
Blending Desires Breakthrough

Chart for Miami, FL

Miracula Aeternitatis

Quod fuit est sicut quod erit
Et quod erit est sicut quod fuit
Quod fuit ad perpetranda
Miracula aeternitatis

Quod superius est sicut quod inferius
Ad perpetranda miracula

Quod inferius est sicut quod superius
Ad perpetranda miracula

-from Cirque du Soleil, Dralion