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Cultivating Mystical Awareness


Rik Silfies-Potter

spiritguide1There are many different concepts of mysticism, and people seem to have different ideas about what constitutes a ‘mystical experience’. Mysticism is one of those words that, although it has many definitions, is not so easily defined. It is a multi-layered experience that is unique to the individual who experiences it. Some see it as an experience of unity with the divine, some form of enlightenment, or receiving sudden knowledge. Many link mysticism to religion, spirituality and the sacred. There are mystics in every religion, and mystical, sacred texts abound. Skeptics of mysticism claim that what people think are ‘mystical experiences’ as simply the inner workings of the brain and psychological processes.

I would define mysticism as a heightened awareness of the unseen, which could also involve the presence of deity or a spirit guide, or some transference of information, energy or healing. Psychics, spirit mediums, witches, druids and those…

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Vacation Expectation!


HAPPY OSTARA! Friday, 20 March 2015 in Miami, FL, USA • New Moon at 5:37 AM EDT • Total Solar Eclipse at 5:48 AM EDT • Vernal Equinox at 6:45 PM EDT May your recreational adventure be filled with the blissful serenity of love, joy and peace in every moment!!! “Vacation Advisory” A Pubic Announcement […]