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Venus—The Many Names of Beauty


Venus—The Many Names of Beauty

Source: nasa.gov via Amanda on Pinterest


Named in Honor of The Roman Goddess, and personifying The Feminine Divine, Beauty and Love. Her significance throughout the history of humanity would fill volumes. (As a Librian, She is also my Ruling Planet; just as She is to Taurans.)

Some of the many Names of Venus throughout history, just may surprise you!
Jesus, Horus, Lucifer, Josef and Prometheus! Certainly however, She has been more kindly accepted as Ishtar, Kileken, TaiPei, Sukra, Tioumoutiri /Ouaiti (Hathor/Isis), Noga, Helel, and Phosphorus/Hesperus (Aphrodite/Venus) and more!
Additional details about some of her more ancient associations are noted below:
♀ Sumeria/Babylonia— “Dil-bat in Akkadia” = The Star of Ishtar
♀ Maasai— “Kileken”
♀ China— “Tai Pei” = The Beautiful White One
♀ Jyotitvida (Hindu)— “Sukra” = Clear/Pure/Brightness in Sanskrit; associated with Indriani, Queen of The Gods & Indra as Over-Ruler; symbolized by the gemstone Diamond
♀ Egypt— Interpreted as two separate visible bodies “Tioumoutiri” just before sunrise & “Ouaiti” just before sunset; later associated with the duality of Isis & Hathor in the Dynastic eras; with the understanding of Venus as one Celestial Body, She retained her association with Hathor, while Sirius became Isis
♀ Hebrew— “Noga (Planet) /Helel (Archangel)/Ayeleth-ha-Shakhar/Kochav-ha-‘Erev” = shining/bright/deer of the dawn/star of the evening (consecutively)
♀ Greece— Similar to the Egyptians, the morning “Phosphorus” & evening “Hesperus”; with the same later discovery the Greeks retained her morning assoication with the name of her counterpart, Aphrodite (Phoenician Astarte)
♀ Rome— (of course) Honored Her with the name of by which we know Her today.
♀ Australia—  “Barnumbirr” = The Creator Spirit that “Sang” The World to Life; in the early hours before dawn, she draws behind her a rope of light attached to the Earth (i.e. The Sun); the aboriginal Yongu still honor this legendary part of their culture today.
♀ The Maya— “Chak Ek” = The Great Star; She was their most observed & important celestial body


Finally… “What about Venus & The Pentacle (not Pentagram)?”
That’s another blog, for another day…


Sitting on “God’s Beach” at sunset chanting the Deeksha…

After a quite moment, I decided to read a meditation for the evening.

Here is an excerpt with a slight edit or two:

“We come to believe in a better life through the powerful gift of other people—hearing them, seeing them, watching the gift of [healing] at work in their lives.
There is a [Supreme] Power greater than ourselves. There is real hope…for us and our life.
We do not have to exert willpower to change. We do not have to force our [healing] to happen. We do not have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps…
[Supreme] Power will do for us what our greatest and most diligent efforts could not accomplish [without]…
All we do is believe.
Look. Watch. See the people around you. See the healing they have found. Then discover your own faith, your own belief, your own healing.”

Today, regardless of my circumstances, I will believe to the best of my ability that [through Supreme] Power… [I find Perfect Peace].
…I will relax and let [it be so.]

from the book Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.