Ephemeral Epiphanies

Soul Mate

The Seed:

I posted this, as sent to me, on my Facebook Timeline on December 7, 2012,
with the following comment:

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe in soul-mates!

Kansas Couple Married 62 Years Dies Within Hours of Each Other


The Epiphany:

My Epilogue on The ‘Kansas Couple’ Story

In this “new-age” of oft redundant, casual and over use of “meta-physical” jargon
(authentic-life, higher-self, inner-voice, etc.).

Today, The Cosmos sent me this…

Caveat discipulus!

Soul Mate:

A variety of different people come into our lives to help our soul expand and evolve to our highest potential…these people are our soul mates.

There are also those special people that we choose to journey with for a life time which we call soul mates or life partners. This card will help you to realize the aspects of what makes a soul relationship healthy, mature, compatible and loving. Finding your soul mate or life mate is only as easy or hard, as finding your soul! As you understand your soul’s needs and desires, you will naturally attract a suitable mate.

Soul mates will be on a path that is complimentary with one another. Their dreams, vision, spiritual beliefs and goals will be compatible. When they are dating, they will ask the other person questions to learn about their mind, heart and soul. They will find out what they do, how they feel, what’s going on in their heads, ask about their families, their work, beliefs, values, dreams, goals, etc. Soul mates would be comfortable and happy with the answer to the question; “What are the five most important things in my mate’s life?” Soul mates will take the time to get to know one another. Soul mates actually like each other – not just love and want one another. Many times people who are infatuated, or in love with love, do not even LIKE the person they’ve attached their ‘in love’ feelings to. Mature people don’t live in a romantic fantasy.

Soul mates are comfortable with the other person’s values and beliefs, and they like the way the other person looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes. They aren’t disgusted or embarrassed by each other’s actions or how their mate relates to others. There are no ominous feelings of dread lingering in their minds about one another.

Soul mates are equals. They don’t consider themselves better or worse than the one they love. They have equal admiration, respect and care for one another, and they respect each other’s gifts, personality and lifestyle.

Soul mates are in tune with their own soul and won’t lose their identity. They won’t try to be like the other person or try to change their partner. Soul mates will be able to see the beautiful essence within one another, along with their imperfections. They will feel safe and free to be all that they are. They feel safe together, and they will both feel supported and valued. Soul mates feel safe to open up and reveal their true self; what they think, believe and feel, and they let the other do the same. They each feel heard, understood and accepted. They share their secrets, fears, feelings and thoughts with one another without the fear of being judged. They both listen to each other with an open heart, and have a desire to understand and learn from each other. They both have a feeling of ‘being at home’ with one another. They each have the freedom and comfort to really show all their weakness with each other, and they are both willing to support each other’s growth. Soul mates do not fear change, growth or aging. They welcome change as an opportunity to achieve greater intimacy, and to grow together in life – not apart. They will still love each other even if they lost their possessions or their looks!

Soul mates spend a lot of time together because they both really enjoy it, not because they don’t like being alone. Yet they have other friends and interests, and they are both fine when they are not together. Whether they are together or apart, they experience peace and joy in their soul. True love is based upon maturity, and a balance of dependence and independence. They are able to depend upon the other when appropriate and they can also stand on their own.

Soul mates are obvious to other people. Friends and family think you are a good match! They will also like each other’s friends …they fit in with the other mate’s friends.

Soul mates feel supported in pursuing what brings them joy, and their mate can feel joy for their joy. The two of them laugh and play together, and enjoy each other’s sense of humor. In the midst of difficulties, they help each other to lighten up with humor and playfulness. Soul mates enjoy being kind to one another, rather than having their own way or being right. They well up with warmth and fullness of heart for each other and express it with affection. The sexual relationship is warm and caring, and they can talk with each other about what brings them pleasure. Sex becomes better with each year together – as trust, familiarity and fondness deepens. True love arrives after many months or years of commitment and challenges, at which the needs of the other become as important as the needs of the self.

Together, soul mates will make it in the long run because they are both committed to the idea of being a team. They see themselves stronger together, than apart. They will endure any hardships or challenges. Their love is solid even in very difficult times. They feel safe and secure with each other, and they trust one another. They each know that they can mess up, fail, disappoint and hurt the other – and the love will still be there. Soul mates have compatible ways to resolve conflict, and they both can easily let go of any anger or hurt and move quickly back into kindness and affection.

It is also valuable to know that we are attracted to and love people who we don’t particularly admire. These souls are our greatest teachers who can help our souls to grow. If you realize that your relationship or potential relationship isn’t up to par, reflect on your own characteristics and qualities first before tossing the relationship aside. Do you admire all aspects of your being? If you and your mate are dedicated to growth, and both of your strengths and weakness score equally, then the relationship has the potential to be a good fit.

A way to gain more insight into choosing your life mate is to ask these two questions.

1. If we were to have a son/daughter would I want him/her to grow to be just like my mate?

2. If we had a son/daughter would I want him/her to grow up to be just like me?

If you answered no on the first question but answered yes on the second question, he/she is probably not a healthy choice for a mate. If you answered no on the first and second question, you may have more growing to do before you are really able to have a fulfilling and expansive relationship. If you answered yes to both, you are probably ready for a healthy and loving journey together.

The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards Lite
By Teresah Lynn
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