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I cannot stay quiet: Part I (MUST READ! Internal Government Memo Issued)


In the shadow of today’s devastating and incomprehensible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. I implore you to read this… and then pass it on. As I was finishing up my post, I learned  of the nearly thirty innocent children and educators whose lives had been snatched away, while I was busy writing. I offer this introduction with a quote form Susan Sumner Souers,

“[Although] very saddened by the shootings in Connecticut. Be aware that the spin is misinformation. though. This is a false flag event. The REAL motive is gun control. Make no mistake.They’re coming for our guns.”

The Seed!!!


The following was relayed to me first hand by an anonymous, yet highly reliable, government source, on December 13, 2012. An official memo has been issued, within the jurisdiction of MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, instructing all government law-enforcement personnel to be on High Alert beginning in June 2013. (Exactly if, or how far, this memo extends beyond Miami-Dade County is unknown to me.)

Why have law-enforcement officials been instructed to be on High Alert?

Although, I do not claim to have a direct quote of any part of this memo, I offer a summary of the information it is said to contain:

In short, the likelihood of a collaborated civil uprising is imminent.

This statement is the “chaos-child” of a series of compounding events since the housing market crash. However, the primary trigger (no pun) for this memo seems to be…


This comes behind a massive inundation of District Court filings, judgements, orders and executions of home foreclosures, commercial-lease evictions, commercial-property foreclosures, bankruptcies, and so on.

The Epiphany:

Some further inferences of my own…

The information in this memo, simply crystalizes what I have seen clearly for quite some time:

A inexorably tangled web of events see, which all continue feeding into each other.

This will continue until it swallows and devours it’s own source of sustenance.

Then, the web will be no more.

Small-businesses shut down*, unemployment†, and homelessness, all continue to increase exponentially.

* Not only does the small-business employee no longer have a job, neither does the small business owner.

† Unemployment statistics are only the tip of the iceberg, it is merely an account of how many people have FILED for unemployment.

Let’s look at a few examples of anyone who might not always receive an official paycheck; i.e. when they lose their source of income, they can’t file for unemployment.

Think about it for a minute with me…

How do you pay your housekeeper? (Which by the way, you finally had to let go, because you can’t afford her anymore. She’s worked for you for the past five years, cleaning your house once a week for $100 each time, but there went 20% of her “steady” income. Do you think she has a waiting list of clients?)

How do you pay your gardener? (Oh, I forgot, you had to let him go too.)

How do you pay your manicurist of ten years? (You don’t; at least not anymore.)

How do you pay the guy you independently contracted to distribute your business flyers in passing traffic? (Actually, he is homeless already; but you let him sleep on the floor of your business office sometimes, on cold nights. Why? Because he was like you, not so long ago. He was a hardworking man who made an honest living, and  because deep inside you know you could be him, any minute.)

How do you pay the mechanic who changes your brakes in your driveway, on the weekend? (Oh, that’s right, your car was totaled in that accident caused by a driver who had no insurance. Since you had finally paid off your car, you just took collision coverage off of your policy, because you were trying to reduce your own expenses. The blue book value of your car was next to nothing. You tried to use it on a downpayment for a new car, but your credit score was too low, and the bank turned you down for the auto-loan. Hey, no sweat, you don’t have enough steady income to start making a car payment again anyway.)

What happens next? 

Your unemployment benefits run out, so you apply for other government assistance, (Section 8, Food Stamp, Cash Assistance, & Medicaid). If you apply for  Disability, and are approved you will also be eligible for Medicare, regardless of age.

In fact, as of just last week getting approved for Social Security Disability is now easier than ever!

On December 6, 2012, U.S. Social Security Administration made this press release:

Social Security Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions

Fast Track Disability Process Will Now Include 200 Conditions*

‘…We have achieved another milestone for the Compassionate Allowances program, reaching 200 conditions,’ Commissioner Astrue said.

What do you think any of this could ever possibly add up to in dollars?

Exactly right! …zero, to the left.


All these things in combination are resulting in the overall decline, and certain demise of both the U.S. and Global Economy, as we know it.

Turn the TV on any day, and you will see and hear reports of increasing global civil unrest; evidenced by riots, revolts, rebellions, and government overthrows.

As I write this, I have just learned of the unfathomable, incomprehensible tragedy that befell Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Connecticut. Therefore, by default, I rest my case.

As always, your thoughts, comments, and opinions are eagerly welcome!


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