First Quarter Moon at 11:33pm

Miami, FL Sunday, Oct 21
11:33pm DST:
The Transit of October’s First 1/4 Moon occurs with the exit of
Capricorn & The 7th House and entry to Aquarius & The 8th House.

The Moon spends two and a half days in each sign.


With the Moon exiting Capricorn, an achievement and status-oriented emotional satisfaction emerges. Most likely, the weekend left you and everyone else feeling that you focused on your duties and responsibilities. The atmosphere of stern emotional reserve is lifting now and allowing you to reveal a more sensitive side. Feelings of restriction have loosed their bonds to some extent, allowing a more free expression of emotion.
This was a wonderful weekend to nurture your more ambitious nature. In this “hard-working” Moon position, you probably accomplished a great deal in terms of tasks that are now bringing you a strong sense of fulfillment. Indeed, your instinctual nature has been focused on using your resources to make things happen in your world and propel you closer to achieving your goals.

Moon in Aquarius & The 2nd House.
As the Moon enters Aquarius there is a heightening of socially minded and progressive personalities. Charm & Grace are your allies, but also beware of potentially unstable or erratic changes in your behaviors. Spending a little extra time with your emotions may prove beneficial.
The Moon in The 2nd House brings opportunity to emotionally connect with one’s values, one’s possessions and material things in this world. You will find greater comfort & security if you use this time to be sure that your values & emotions are clearly defined… Only then can you prepare to act wisely upon them!



Interpretations quoted by & extrapolated from TimePassages Astrology Software was developed by Henry Seltzer.


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