New Moon October 2012


New Moon October 2012

10/15/2012, 8:03:35 AM EDT Miami, FL (25N40, 80W21)*
N Node in Scorpio (26° Sco 22’R) N Node in the First House
S Node in Taurus (26° Tau 22’R) S Node in the Seventh House
This placement gives you a focus on advancing into your own individual self-hood. Now your life path is calling for you to depend on no one but yourself. Events may seem to force you into this direction. It is good to remember that outer events can be another facet of the voice of your own inner Self. You benefit from following these directives from your own higher consciousness, no matter how difficult that may prove to be in actual practice.
Your evolutionary payoff comes from letting go of the material world in to order to accept the deep and universal connection with others that is the root truth of the social condition, recognizing that, beyond the material world, you are part of a much larger context.
Moon in Libra (22° Lib 32′ 59″) Moon in the Twelfth House
You will enjoy the company of other people, and may be uncomfortable with too much solitude at this time. However, beware of a tendency to be all things to all people.
Neptune in Pisces (0° Pis 33’R) Neptune in the Fourth House 
Magnifies emotional sensitivity, loving personalities, and psychic tendencies.

Saturn in Scorpio (1° Sco 09′) Saturn in the First House
Can offer a deepening and concentration, or a breakthrough of a blockage, in the area of self-confidence and self-expression. The this placement offers the lesson that you should strive to overcome any fears you may have in expressing yourself, and thus come to a better understanding of who you are and what you can achieve.
Jupiter in Gemini (16° Gem 11’R) Jupiter in the Eighth House
Your focus is excellent now, and your work efforts will be productive because of this because of it. You have an innate sense of who you are and where you want to be right now, and that is usually where you will be found. Yet, be aware of speaking too quickly, before you have thought a matter through. Hold off for the moment, and keep your own council.
Mercury in strong sextile (within 0.1 degrees) with Venus The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      charming manner and an idealistic philosophy
·      friendliness and sociability
·      a lean toward the beautiful and artistic side of life
·      artistic abilities and a youthful attitude
·      desire to dress attractively, although not necessarily expensively
·      cheerfulness and optimism
·      pleasant speaking or singing voice
·      expressing yourself in speech or writing
You can be persuasive in a quiet way.
Venus in strong square (within 1.8 degrees) with Jupiter
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      a graceful and refined nature
·      natural attraction of others
·      restless, elements of change and adventure
·      appreciation or talent for literature and the arts
·      working well in fields such as the law, or with the public
You should be aware of being too easily influenced by others.
Mars in strong trine (exact) with Uranus
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      originality and eccentricity of the mind
·      strong intuition
·      strong-willed nonconformity
·      restless or unsteadiness in the pursuit of your goals
·      feelings of isolation
·      emotionally insensitive
·      more excited by ideas than by people.
·      courageousness of pioneering free spirits
You can benefit from bringing more consciousness and clarity to the expression of your goals in life.
Saturn in strong trine (within 0.6 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.
Saturn brings an extremely practical dimension to the visionary idealism of Neptune.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      clear thinking and discriminating
·      responsibility, compassion
·      concern for social issues
·      ability to harness energies of stability and idealism into balance
You may be suffering confusion in your life regarding restrictions imposed upon you, in which you feel both attracted to the security imposed by such limits, and simultaneously repelled or stifled by these restrictions.
Uranus in strong square (within 1.2 degrees) with Pluto
The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
This aspect enhances the following personality characteristics:
·      willfulness and great depth of passion
·      more strongly tuned in to the energy of the collective
·      keen intuition and great powers of transformation to evolve
·      unconventional approaches to interpersonal relationships
This celestial alignment brings our the best of your compassion toward your fellow man and your inclination to be a helper. At this time, a select few will find opportunities to help create a new world, based on humanitarian ideals of universal brotherhood.
*Created on Astrograph Software, Inc.
using interpretations from text by Henry Seltzer
Copyright 1999


About Coach Mandy

I am goal driven, knowledge seeking, challenge needing, balance finding, Child of The Universe. I believe that what I can dream, I can manifest; it's all just a matter of priorities. I've found that when I do the next right thing, life falls into place. I've learned my most valuable lessons through adversity (usually on the other side of & often long after). "I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing...” Nothing lasts forever except for the love, beauty & truth of The Great Universal Spirit. This One Source (manifested in my life as The Goddess, Isis), always loves me, finds no imperfection in me, and is perpetually & infinitely available to me. (The only other being I know of in this realm who comes close to this is my dog.) I own and operate The Coaching Corner & Pro Fitness Studio where I offer a variety of fitness services, but my true passion lies in the work I do as Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach. I enjoy all aspects of self-improvement & well-being; but I have found that my joy in working in the fitness industry lies not just in witnessing my clients achieve their goals, but in seeing them actually transform their lives. In this, I get to be a part of something greater than myself. There is nothing of value I can obtain, that does not increase a thousand fold, upon my bestowal of it to someone else. Furthermore, when I am seen by others as a leader and a role model, I am forced to be as accountable (or more) as I expect my clients to be. In this arrangement I have always gained so much more than I could ever give. I have completed my entire didactic curriculum requisites for my PhD in Exercise Physiology at University of Miami, including an outside-supporting-field in Psychology. (Doctoral Qualifying Exams and Doctoral Dissertation remain to be addressed...) My current credentials include:  • M.S.Ed., Exercise Physiology • B.S., Exercise Physiology/Biology (Double Major) • Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR)  • Licensed Certified Wellcoach® • American College of Sports Medicine, Health & Fitness Specialist (ACSM/HFS)

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