Last Quarter Moon: 3:34am, Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Quarter Moon: 3:34am, Monday, October 8, 2012, Miami, FL.
The Moon in Cancer (15° Can 25′ 56″)
May cause the following qualities/characteristics to intensify:
Sensitive and caring nature
The need to be nurturing
Psychic abilities
Feelings of vulnerability, as the past or old habit patterns invade the present
Feeling over-emotional; such emotions may evoke a tendency to withdraw from real or imagined injuries
Protectiveness of yourself and of others
The Moon in Eleventh House
May cause the following qualities/characteristics to intensify:
Emotional sensitivity in social arenas.
Need to seek comfort and security in friends and group associations.
Dynamics in a group setting, without the need to feel like the center of attention.
Detachment and objectivity in social circumstances, or non-allegiance to one group or another.
Ability to organize group events (parties for friends, group meetings, social events.
Overextending yourself; becoming divided by being involved in too many group projects at once.
Vulnerability to being too naive, friendly and taking too much responsibility for groups.
Overall Message:
Focus on reliable friendships and learn discrimination when opening to new activities and associations so that you can manage and coordinate your various interests and activities.

Additional Lunar Configurations –
Pluto & Lunar North Node Contra-Parallel:

Pluto in Capricorn
(7° Cap 04′)
Forcefulness of personality with a focus on issues of authority, power and control
Compulsion for control manifesting in difficulties with interpersonal relations
Changes in the course of pursuing your work in the world
Powerhouse of energy available
Knee-jerk reaction to authority figures, based on unconscious impulses of fear and resentment
Seeking out situations that allow you to feel in control or safe
Difficulties maintaining former heights achieved
Overall Message:
What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of your urge for authority and control, based on a deeper understanding of yourself and a more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power.
Pluto in the Fifth House
Increased dynamism & charisma
Tremendous desire to be recognized and admired
Compulsion toward self-aggrandizement, self-centered and ego-oriented behavior
—Check for underlying feelings of insecurity
Strong need to make an impact on the world around you
—Check your admiration of “The Arts” & other creative outlets
Desires for personal reputation may be thwarted
—Changes/challenges can serve to help you express your highest purpose for yourself
Overall Message:
Re-evaluate your need to achieve, and learn how to work with your personal power in more constructive ways.
By embodying the more positive form of your creative energy, and thereby expressing your deepest truth, you can perform an important service for yourself and society.

Lunar North Node in Scorpio (26° Sco 52′). (Lunar South Node in Taurus.)
Focus on personal transformation;
let go of attachments to ownership of property and material things
Focus more on how you can be helpful to others in your relationships with them;
dwell less on status, prestige and the accumulation of riches or physical security.
Payoff comes from letting go of the material world in to order to accept the deep and universal connection with others that is the root truth of the social condition, recognizing that, beyond the material world, you are part of a much larger context.
Lunar North Node in the Fourth House. (Lunar South Node in the Tenth House.)
Strong desire for emotional security.
Great achievements & all the energy spent reaching them may suddenly whisper, “It’s lonely at the top.”
Focus on getting a better sense of who you really are, at the level of your emotional roots.
Explore the depths of your being through meditation or other transpersonal processes.
You have the chance to find your greatest fulfillment, this time around.



4 thoughts on “Last Quarter Moon: 3:34am, Monday, October 8, 2012”

  1. Mandy,

    Wow…this is awesome and looks well researched. I see your natal chart at the end…does that change, or was that something you originally got done and keep with you to interpret throughout different times?

    I am new yet enthusiastic about tarot and astrology, so forgive me if I come off as ignorant (I am!) I do have one pressing question if you have a minute:

    Do you of any sites with a personalized, daily email that pulls from all one’s signs – not just the sun sign – to provide insights? I feel like this would be available with the internet and serious devotees- alas, I’ve found nothing. Even if you don’t know of a daily email that incorporates all the signs, any recommendation on a good one would be much appreciated!

    Love and light,

    1. I too have been a more heavily dedicated student of the mystic arts over the last two years, but I am far from an expert! It’s really more of a hobby & fascination, but I think it has become an obsession (LOL).
      I became a true believer after my Natal Chart reading with an “expert” Astrologist. (I wasn’t looking for answers to anything specific, as is not commonly the case for many people, in seeking an Astrological Reading. It was just that I had finally found out my Time of Birth. One’s birth time is a rather critical bit of information that I was holding-out for, as it can make a significant difference in some areas (rising sign, lunar configurations, etc.).
      Midway through the consult, she had me completely convinced that she had been following me my whole life (PAST)! Among many other things, she told me—very specifically—about something that was “hidden” from me, in my current circumstances (PRESENT). As the stars shine, not an hour after I walked out of the consult, that which was “hidden” was revealed… exactly as she said. With that kind of experience & empirical evidence, I have no reason to question the situations, challenges and circumstances that are ahead of me, or how understanding the inclination of the stars can guide me in the years to come (FUTURE).

      Two of the sites I use regularly are
      (BTW, the chart on the post in reference, is not my Natal Chart.
      It is simply a snapshot of the heavens, based on my location on earth at the time of the entry of the Moon into it’s new lunar configuration.
      With that, the more you read… the more questions you may find yourself asking.
      Here’s one example:
      For starters, you may want to determine what type of chart “configuration” will be best for YOU.
      Do you fit better in a contemporary Western Chart (Placidus, Koch etc.) or in an “ancient” Eastern Chart (Sidereal)? (I will suggest how you can figure that out.)

      Hang on…it is my mini-break-time: Sunrise is at 7:18am today here in Miami.
      I try to get outside for a few minutes of meditation & Solar Plexus infusion.
      I’ll be right back… I won’t leave you hanging too long… and I WILL answer to your ultimate inquiry:
      How can I get personalized information that…
      “pulls from all one’s signs – not just the sun sign – to provide insights?”

  2. Hey Mandy,

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply the other day. Just curious if you’ve had a chance to think about my inquiry of an email or daily form of insights, not just informed by sun sign but my whole chart.

    Do you know of any service like that?

    Thanks again…hope your meditation was great!

    1. Yes.
      (I got just busy as the day went on, plus I was just kinda waiting for a re-reply/confirmation that you were a “for real” person before I went a step further.)
      Here is the “it’s-your-lucky-day” offer:
      Send me your
      •Date of Birth
      •Place of Birth
      (Hospital if known/City/State/Country if not USA)
      •Time of Birth
      (if known)
      •Email address where you would like me to send the files (PDF)

      …and I will send you your Birth Chart & Full Natal Report.
      I use an Astrograph Software program that was a totally indulgent gift to myself. (It may seem a bit costly but, if you really love this stuff, the expense can actually be less than the cost of a private/face-to-face consult with a experienced Astrologist.)
      Since I did not purchase the “Resale License”
      …I CANNOT charge you!
      “Ask and ye shall receive!”

      P.S. I won’t do anything else with your personal info.
      Plus, if you decide to send your Natal information,
      just tell me you DON’T want me to “approve” your reply.
      I’ll get it, but it won’t go public on my blog.

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