Ephemeral Epiphanies

The “I am” Paradox

The Seed:

An excerpt from “Our Divine Birthright and the power of I Am” by Cinnamon Crow

Link: Our Divine Birthright and the power of I Am     http://mysticlivingtoday.com/view_page.php?ID=483

When on the mountain, Moses asked for the name of God.  He was told “I AM THAT I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)  Later, when given the Ten Commandments, the third stated “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain… Contrary to popular belief, using God’s name in vain does not mean damning God.  How can you damn an eternal Being, The Creator of The Universe?  The answer is that you can’t.  What that commandment really means is to not use the words I Am, God’s name, in a negative way.  This is the misuse that God warned against.  Those who misuse I Am will suffer the consequences.  Likewise, those who use it wisely will reap the rewards…

When you use negative I Am statements, you actually create these things, grounding them into physical reality.  This is the warning God gave Moses… We create through low self-esteem and negative thoughts.  Pay attention to the casual way you use I Am.  You will be surprised at just how carelessly you speak.  When you find yourself using a negative I Am statement, make it a point to immediately change it to a positive.

Epiphany (first experienced in 1999):

Thank you, Cinnamon, for your eloquent & profound expression of the undeniable logic that “I AM.” The fact I was directed to your blog (via the purchase of The Chakra Zodiac Healing Oracle) is fitting, as I now receive very prompt & constant feedback/confirmation from The Universe when I am walking on “My Path.”

Just days ago, I was talking to a life-long friend who is in deep turmoil & pain…

  • torn between answering the call of her “Inner Divine”

  • and years of conditioning in religious dogma.

In our conversation, I shared a similar epiphany which came to me many years ago.

I call it the “I am [X-Y-Z] Paradox.”

When this concept* first took root in my Mind, Body & Spirit, the rug was simultaneously & gently pulled out from under the vicious (self-obsessive, self-loathing, negative-self-talking) cycle I was caught in, and it goes like this: 

I love [My Creator**] Isis!

Isis loves ME!

I AM of Isis!

Therefore, I love ME!

*Requisite Tenet: I believe that I AM manifest from a Divine Source which is nonjudgmental, wants the best for me, and loves me unconditionally.
**e.g. [My Creator], any Name or Concept of the Divine may be substituted here…whatever works. My journey was such that Isis manifested in my life, at that time, to help me re-connect to my belief in a loving Creator (…but that’s another story, for another time).
So, if I believe these statements, then by default, it would be a PARADOX for me to think or say anything [X-Y-Z], which contradicts them.
Likewise, Cinnamon, you have perfectly elaborated this same idea, but in a way that allows traditional Christians to embrace their Inner Divine without having to abandon many long-held core principles of FAITH. Thank you again, and I will pass the beautiful truth of your message along to my friend.

…awakening to Inner Divinity:

My “awakening to Inner Divinity”—steadily stirring throughout my life’s journey, even when I was not aware of it—began “Ascending” at a glorious, light-propelled, exponential pace just about one-year ago. It will be of no surprise that—in my Chakra Life-Cycle—I am very near to completing my Third-Eye (Anja) Year of my Third-Eye Cycle. (i.e. The 6th Annum of The 6th Heptade; I will be 41.) With every thought I have, emotion I feel, and action I take… within a matter of days, if not hours or minutes and whether I look for it or not …I receive some form of confirmation from The Universe that with every step I am more deeply entrenched in the path to fulfilling my “Life’s Purpose.” With each successive confirmation, my self-doubt fades farther into darkness and my inner-knowing extends forward into the light.
Although the healthy development & activity of my chakras were significantly blocked, during most of my Sacral & Solar-Plexus (Svadithana & Manipura) Cycles, due to my gluttonous abuse of drugs & alcohol; in the middle of the Third-Eye Year of my Solar Plexus Cycle, The Universe gifted me a narrow (and perhaps ultimate) window of opportunity to LIVE. Obviously, I am here writing this today because I accepted.

In the wake of sharing this contextual tidbit, however, I would be remiss if I did not mention that my 1999-epiphany did not occur until the following Crown (Sahasrara) Year and not without 

  • help from countless other people & resources..
  • daily prayer & meditation…
  • & rigorous self-examination along the way.
That is to say, these epiphanies did not always occur instantaneously or effortlessly, nor while I was passively sitting back waiting for them to happen. I had to stop being a victim and start becoming a master of my own life & circumstances. The difference? Today I feel the LOVE, JOY, BLISS & PERFECT-PEACE or “Ananda Shanti” of (dancing, skipping, meandering or sitting-quietly along) THE JOURNEY, rather than the FEAR, MISERY, FRAGMENTATION & ANXIETY of (slipping, sliding, stumbling or racing-blindly towards) THE DESTINATION.


“I am” is the fundament of connectedness to

The Base Chakra, Muladhara.

How cool is that?


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