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Wielding My Manipura (3rd Chakra)

Wielding My Manipura (3rd Chakra)

I had first titled this entry “Opening My Manipura,” but then I realized that this would not accurately describe my first experience in working through my Manipura. Sometimes I feel there is a near maddening (in-and-of itself) overload of information & literature available today in the world of self-help and self-improvement. Specifically, I digress to the subcategory of self-empowerment for women (AKA “Girl Power”). Well-intended advice & theories abound:

Women need to realize the limitless power they have!

Women need to know that they have the right to use their power!

That’s all well and good…

But I invite you to journey with me into my little fantastical, imaginary world. Where streams of consciousness feed the creative growth of new foliage that bloom in metaphors. When I wander around in this place, I am full of child-like wonder and amazement. I have no preconceived notions of what I will find, but I usually tend to visit when I have a desire for deeper exploration of some life-experience, or sometimes just when I feel the need for some indulgent self-expression.

Now, if you are with me in my forest of intension (not intention), let’s move forward on the assumption that, as women (and guys, you are welcome here too), we each have All The Power in The Universe, and in addition, each of us has, according to Universal Law, All The Right of Free-Will to use it.

So, off we go…

There’s a little cabin up ahead. It has all the electrical finishes & connections that normally exist in any modern home. Inside, we find a room full of lamps; 10,000 to be exact. Each lamp is fixed with a standard 100-watt (12-volt) bulb. But, if none of us knows how (or that we need) to plug the lamp cord into the wall socket, turn on the lamp, and maybe even flip a switch on the wall, all of this power is completely useless to us. As the sun begins to set, we all sit in darkness.

Time for me to go off on my ‘signature-tangent.’ (If curiosity kills the cat, then I am one, without a doubt). I am going to leave my forest of intension for a moment, and go do some research…

I made it back pretty fast, because it was very easy to learn how to plug all of these lamps in and turn them on, etc.

However, if I hadn’t also taken the time to investigate another critical factor, we could have all been in for a big surprise (or worse):

The typical standard for modern [home] usage is 100 amps; large homes, with central air-conditioning or electric heat, will need 150 to 200 amps.

Assuming I’ve done the math correctly:

(1 lamp X (100watt / 12volt) = 8.33amps / lamp)

(12 lamps X 8.33amps = 99.99amps ≈ 100amps)

(24 lamps X 8.33amps = 199.99amps ≈ 200amps)

When I return to the cabin in the forest, we would be able to successfully operate between 12 and 24 lamps at once, without overloading the circuits in the cabin. Since The Universe also provide safety nets, if I hadn’t learned this, hopefully the breakers would have just tripped, and we wouldn’t have ended up blowing up the entire electrical panel, and maybe even avoided setting our magical little forest on fire. Either way, though, the result would be the same; we would still have ended up, once again, in total darkness.

After our little lesson in electric circuitry, everyone said their good-byes and went back to the real world. I decided to hang out with my lamps alone for a little while longer.

Setting aside any reason why I would even want to do this in the first place—though I am sure each of us could think of our own corresponding motives, simply by looking within—suppose I became determined to find a way to turn on all 10,000 of these lamps simultaneously.


So it turns out after all, that what I truly have—and here I am forced to fine-tune my original assumption with regard to self-empowerment—is not “All The Power in The Universe” undirected & unbridled, but ratherthe potential to harness “All The Power in The Universe.” My focus (although still quite narrow) now turns to an attempt at finding a large enough resource of energy to provide & supply the tremendous amount of power I will need to successfully light all 10,000 lamps.

Remember though, I am still operating under the assumption that I am endowed with “The Right of Free-Will” to use this power, once I get it. (Or am I? I’ll address that question if you’ll continue to indulge me.) Again, assuming correct math, I would need to find access to nearly 850amps, if I wanted to utilize all the power, which I had the ability to harness.

Since, I think I’ve got at least 10% of my brain working, I am not even going to attempt to find an 850amp power source (which I am sure would be easy enough; any large health/fitness club, hospital, or hotel is designed for this).

Just for fun though, let’s play out my scenario as it relates to these parameters.

Still assuming all my lamps are in the same room with me and within my range of vision:

What would happen if I went ahead & turned on all 10,000 lamps at once?

Would it really benefit me?

Would it allow me to see more things?

Would it allow me to see any one thing more clearly?

No, of course not!

This is what would happen:

The synchronous radiance of these 10,000 lamps would produce 1 million watts (1 Mega-Watt) of illumination. (That just happens to be equal to an average flash of lightning! I only learned that now…kind of ironic. Don’t you think?) The “blink reflex” of my CNS would be instantly stimulated, and at the very least, I would probably end up with some degree of temporary “flash-blindness.” Not to mention, that for as long as all of these lamps remained on, it would be nearly impossible for me to willingly open my eyes. On top of that, I would probably be shielding my eyes with my hands, as much of the light would still penetrate the delicate skin of my eyelids. (Have you ever closed your eyes and turned your face directly towards the sun?) So again, there I would be…this time not “semantically” in total darkness…but still unable to wield my “power” for any useful or constructive purpose. For I am no longer ailing from lack of power. On the contrary, I am paralyzed by the sheer and overwhelming magnitude of it. Until—and only—when I became willing and able to shut off at least 80% of my lamps (and use just of fraction of them at a time) will I find the ability to use my power for any beneficial purpose.

A second and even more gainful option would be to distribute my lamps through-out the many different rooms (I have just magically manifested) in my cabin in the forest. Then, I could move from room to room, taking into my vision all of those things, now appropriately illuminated, in small, comprehensible doses. I could go through each of my enchanted rooms until I got to the last one, and then I could start all over again if I wanted to. On the second go-round, I might even be drawn to new and different things that I didn’t see before or couldn’t comprehend the first time around. For example, on some return visit to the first room, maybe I have brought back new knowledge from something I had seen previously in the second and third room. This new knowledge has given me a new frame of reference (paradigm) and now I see the first room again, but with a fresh set of eyes. This process could continue to hold true with each successive visit to each successive room. On some occasion, I might decide I want to rearrange something in a room. Maybe I find a way to make a room more inviting; more spatially efficient; add a few Fung-Shui principles; take away something from one room or add to another!

I begin to see…

I have ALL THE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE and I am learning how the operation, utilization and application of it, works best for me. As I continue to practice, I can maneuver, create, and improve on all the beautiful and amazing ways I can use my power.