Ephemeral Epiphanies

A Short Storm Story

The Seed:

Children’s laughter in the rain.

The Epiphany:

Delirious (I must be) with fever & flu…
In my ‘sanctuary bedroom,’ I was watching the storm outside my window. Just above the sound of the pouring rain, I overheard the laughter of little children dodging the rain drops through the trees. Thinking of the Spiritual implications of this glimpse of ‘joy through adversity’ (which I had been shown) and the symbolism of the cleansing powers of nature’s waters. I was compelled to receive this gift from The Universe. Outside I went, arms outstretched and face to the sky, until every inch of my body was saturated with baptism & rebirth.
I thanked The Universe for all it has to offer me.
Because no matter what form the offering holds, the lesson within the offering always lies in our perception of it!

Have a blessed day!


3 thoughts on “A Short Storm Story”

  1. I, too, saw children carefree as can be. They were on a trapoline jumping and giggling in the rain. I was on a deck under the awning keeping myself dry: content with hearing the sound of the downpour on the vinyl of the tarp above and breathing in the scent of the musty rain on the grass.I was thankful to be protected and dry when I realized I was not the lucky one. The two girls and the boy were laying claim to freedom. Not a limb nor thought moved to shelter, cleary oblivious to the idea that one must ‘stay out of the rain”. I took a breath for these kida and my own wishing that they may find or rather accept joy in their lives as adults. I vowed to jump and run in the rain one day soon. Sadly, I stayed protected under the terrace’s thin layered protection keeping me somber and dry.

    1. Your words touched me so deeply, I think it must have been a few of those last lingering raindrops welling up in my eyes.
      The rainy season is upon us…so you won’t have to wait long to fulfill your vow!
      (Hint: I was glad I put a towel and change-of-clothes just inside the door for when I got back.)

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